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Leaving God out of things

On the Mark Levin Show of June 24, Levin’s guest was Cleta Mitchell who serves on the board of the NRA.  In a discussion of a piece of legislative dreck produced by the  Marxists Democrats in the House of Representatives, Ms. Mitchell said that the right to free speech doesn’t come from the Congress; it comes from the First Amendment to the Constitution.

On the contrary, the right to free speech comes from the Creator, said Jefferson, and the First Amendment is written for the purpose of forbidding the state and federal governments from tramping on that divinely given right.  The underlying concept is that the same God who reigns supreme above individuals and endows them with rights also reigns supreme above the government and restricts the operations of government so as to safeguard individual rights.

The problem with stating things the wrong way is that we fall into the notion that rights arise out of human documents and are therefore mere social conventions.  Social conventions are temporary.  There is nothing inherently permanent about them.  If the right to free speech came about because the First Continental Congress  decreed such a thing, then the right to free speech can easily quashed if the 111th Congress decrees the opposite thing.  Both decrees are equally valid being comprised of temporary majorities within a ruling class.  To the understanding of the secular thinker, they stand on the same foundation, so there is literally nothing sacred about the Constitution.

To the Christian thinker, the First Amendment rests squarely on the Declaration of Independence which, in turn, rests squarely on the notion of rights conferred by the Creator upon men made in his image.  Remove God from this logic, and the whole arrangement collapses.


  1. Steve, did you read what’s going on in Dearborn, MI ?

    Posted on 27-Jun-10 at 22:58 pm | Permalink
  2. Yes, I saw that on Biblical Christianity’s blog. I’m amazed that the police are willing to go along with that kind of misuse of their authority. I realize I’m a small town guy, but that would never happen in most places I’ve lived.

    Posted on 28-Jun-10 at 17:13 pm | Permalink

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