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Is Mr. Obama mentally ill?

The blogosphere is starting to mutter a bit less stochastically around the suspicion that something is “wrong” with our president.  First, The Washington Post, that Grand Dame of liberal fishwrap, posted a stunning editorial in which Dorothy Rabinowitz essentially inks out a front tooth on Mr. Obama’s official portrait.  She basically says he’s not a true American.  Others who have known this all along, albeit for different reasons, she calls “demented.”  The American Thinker’s pseudonymous “robinofberkely” has written a spooky piece on what might be medically wrong with Mr. Obama.  Jack Cashill has a different take on the source of the problem.  Be forewarned that his analysis is unsuitable for young and tender minds.  Suffice to say that Cashill suspects young Barack was victimized in his tender years in a way that typically leaves people mentally messed up.

Whatever the cause, the left has begun to sense that something’s amiss with him.  He conducts himself by acting out roles, yes, and his pretense has always nettled conservatives.  But the script is beginning to look unfamiliar to the leftists and comforts them no longer.  Go off, says Spike Lee.  Kick a__, replies Obama.  Nobody was fooled.  Nobody was satisfied.  America casts him a disapproving glance and walks on.

What little has leaked out about Mr. Obama’s fatherless upbringing made it clear that his loyalties never did lie with America.  The self-loathing left dismissed this with a shrug, themselves moved with little understanding and even less love for America.  The anchor of Mr. Obama’s political career was always his much-chronicled narcissism, and that factor alone satisfactorily explains his numberless votes of “present” in the Illinois senate.  If he has any real political convictions, they are those of an ordinary university-style globalist/leftist, a basket case philosophy of sophomoric Marxism: equal parts ignorance, idealism, and folly.  His patriot flame is an electronic display, all pose and no passion; thus saith the teleprompter.

To be fair, politicians tend to be posers else they couldn’t get elected.  A fair number of people who aspire to high office are driven by no principle higher than personal ambition and pretend all sorts of things to win votes.  The Founders knew this and tried to set up a system where  posers could gratify their ambitions only by doing something to actually benefit the country.  And even the most craven artisans of soundbite and gesture usually have some little spark of patriotic feeling somewhere inside so it’s not all acting.

But leftists like Ms. Rabinowitz have now spotted the electical cords trailing away from Mr. Obama’s little patriotic spark machine.  To the extent that whatsoever maketh manifest is light, this is all to the good.  But conservatives err in suggesting that Mr. Obama’s manifest shortcomings are the result of child abuse or neurosis.

The left is distressed that Mr. Obama seems to alternate between episodes of incompetence and expressions of anti-American contempt.

His unfitness surprises only the thickest among us.  Even Hillary Clinton warned that Mr. Obama was not up to the demands of his office.  Obama’s Katrina, the BP oil spill, has shown him to have no imagination, no sense of what is technically possible, no sense of command, no sense of the potential greatness of America and the greatness of his office, no sense of how to summon the heroic spirit of the finest Americans, and no sense of how to marshal the resources of this great nation to conquer a great problem.  There is nothing of true greatness about him.  While the governor of Louisiana pleaded for permission to act, Obama and his Michael Jackson-like entourage of sycophants and useless bureaucrats attended rock star dinner parties, took multiple vacations, held fund raisers for the Democrats, and sat on the decision until it was obviously too late to do any good.

The incompetence is shocking and embarrassing, but it is Obama’s anti-American contempt that is really getting under the skin of his leftist supporters.  It is a double insult to them, being hustled away from The Presence and pigeonholed as one of Them — people who are no longer of any use to him.  His disdainful treatment of the media that protected him and nursed him into the White House has left them shocked, shocked to be sent fishing like Michael Corleone’s idiot brother Fredo in Godfather-II.  But really, they should have seen this coming.  Behind Mr. Obama lies a trail of political cadavers with his bus tracks over them, from the execrable Jeremiah Wright to his typical white grandmother who was buried unlamented in Hawaii. Obama the narcissist has offed anyone who threatened his prestige.  The mainstream media was ordered to do a little leg-breaking job on conservative bloggers.  They failed and are therefore now a liability to him.  Watch your collective backs, MSM.

Leftists are taken aback and growing restive.  It is sometimes said that a conservative is a liberal who got mugged.  Mr. Obama is in the process of mugging America and leftists along with it.  No way should conservatives let them off the hook by suggesting that his incompetence and personal aberrations are the result of his being mentally askew.  No, this won’t do at all, because the problems with Mr. Obama were all foreseen by his political opponents, particularly the conservatives who saw that the man was inexperienced, his literary accomplishments a ghost-written sham, his legislative accomplishments nonexistent, his speechifying a triumph of the teleprompter, and his beliefs a hash of Harvard, handouts and hip-hop.  His global/leftism, his anti-Americanism, and his incurable narcissism were plainly evident before November 2008.  But leftists were animated by bad principles to elect a man of bad principles, and conservatives would do well to hang the whole ugly business around their necks.

This is not the first time a leader has turned upon his allies.  Now that Obama is gruffly lumping certain leftists together with the rest of this unruly rabble called America, there is emerging the slimmest of hopes that the liberals, too, just might take up their identities as real Americans and start acting like it.  Only an uninterrupted mugging by Mr. Obama’s globalism/leftism could force them to complete the transformation by confronting them with what their bad principles have been all about.  And only then can we be certain they won’t elect another one just like him.

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  1. Wow this is brilliantly written. I like the Thinker references as well.
    I think it’s great that a big chunk of the left is abandoning him for various reasons.
    But Obama is more than a narcissistic wanna-be dictator, he’s also a principled communist and puppet of Soros, who holds all the cards.

    Posted on 13-Jun-10 at 14:08 pm | Permalink

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