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Another click on the ratchet of world weirdness

The homosexuals in Spain are banning the Jews from their gay pride parade.  It’s odd on so many levels.  The Israelis are pretty liberal on this issue, if I understand it right.  Their enemies, the Moslems, would execute the homosexuals if they could, even though homosexuality is common in Moslem countries partly because heterosexual relations are so suppressed.

And then to multiply strangeness by weirdness, the Spanish homos said it would be “barbaric” to include Israelis in their march.  Barbaric, yeah.

The only thing I can figure is that the gays are pretty much politically on the left, and anti-Semitism of the Helen Thomas species is popular on the left.  It’s been strong in Europe for a long time, and the homosexuals are just echoing it.  What’s significant about it is that a group that ought to be regarded as morally deficient by the rest of the world is now positioning itself as having some kind of moral authority.  What’s even more significant is that Jews are famously the canaries in the societal coal mine, and when people start piling on them, serious trouble is seldom far behind.  Pogroms of one sort or another are just the quaking before the volcano of war erupts somewhere.

It’s gratifying that Helen Thomas is gone.  Eye candy she was not.  And you just about know she has been talking anti-Semitic trash among her Washington friends for years before the blogosphere scored another unmasking of a leftist.  The fact that it was an unmasking raises the unsettling question of how a person with her particular brand of bigotry could have survived so long in a town where assassination by whisper is a way of life.  Eric Robert Rudolf’s enablers, we are persuaded, shared his beliefs but lacked his guts, which is why they skulked around the woods giving him food rather than lighting off bombs themselves.

So the queers in Spain are outed, so to speak, as anti-Semites.  How long before a sizeable wedge of the leftstream Washington media elite, the wedge that apparently protected Thomas, goes public also?  Answer: I don’t know, but I am wondering if it might not be so long after all.  On the theory that open rebuke is better that secret love, I’m hoping they’ll go ahead and declare themselves.  Like Briscoe Darling said, “Just so’s I know where I stand.”

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