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Monthly Archives: June 2010

SCOTUS on the second amendment


As you know, the Supremes have now said that the second amendment to the Constitution applies to Chicago.  Liberals are anguished.  Frankly, it amazes me that such cases ever make it to court.  Gun bans such as those enacted by Washington, D.C., and the city of Chicago should have been settled as summary judgments.  Judges […]

Filed under teacher, good and moral, not just a (Hebrews 1)


There is a trace of Christian pheromone left in our society, just enough so that haters of God feel obliged to nod in the direction of Jesus and say something to the effect of, “good moral teacher.” Even the least advanced Christian sees this as damnation by faint praise but labors to explain his objections […]

Leaving God out of things


On the Mark Levin Show of June 24, Levin’s guest was Cleta Mitchell who serves on the board of the NRA.  In a discussion of a piece of legislative dreck produced by the  Marxists Democrats in the House of Representatives, Ms. Mitchell said that the right to free speech doesn’t come from the Congress; it […]

A different god


Our “leaders” in Congress have assembled another gigantic piece of legislation, this one exceeding 2000 pages and taking aim at financial institutions.  Chris Dodd, himself on the receiving end of corrupt financial dealings, is one of the authors of it.  He had this to say: This is about as important as it gets, because it […]

Raising prices without spending more?


Edison Electric Institute president Tom Kuhn said in an article in the National Review that energy bill proposals now before the Congress have to do something to protect consumers from higher prices. If you gasped and said, “Say wha…?”, then you have the right idea.  In keeping with the galloping dementia of our ruling class, […]

Blokes less than fully delighted with wind farms


The London Telegraph is reporting a story that ought to be both a scandal and a warning but will probably be neither.  It turns out that big multinational firms own wind farms in the U.K.  And since wind tends to produce electricity at times when there is no demand for it, the wind farm owners […]

The race is over; the rats won. Version 2.0


Evolutionary dogma says the whole motive force behind sexual reproduction and the mechanics of evolution is to pass along your genes.  In the competition for the survival of the fittest, the fittest are the ones that figure out a scheme for reproducing more.  That’s what “competition” means in this context.  It means the winners produce […]

Let me break this down for you


Here’s the key to understanding any speech or policy initiative from Mr. Obama.  If you possess money, Mr. Obama wants control of it. That’s it.  Any questions?  No?  Good. So in total violation of the fifth amendment to the United States Constitution, he puts BP executives on the spot with an unlawful demand that the […]

Didn’t run for this office


Amos the prophet records an event in which he got on the business end of official displeasure.  He preached against the sins of Israel and foretold a judgment in which God would set a plumbline in the midst of Israel.  The plumbline is a metaphor of that which is absolutely straight and true, a standard […]

Micaiah the prophet


First Kings 22 tells the story of Micaiah the prophet who foretold the death of King Ahab.  The king had his staff of prophets who converted every executive decision into a religious affair and then prophesied divine success over it.  It was how they did jingoism back then.  But they did it in the name […]

Is Mr. Obama mentally ill?


The blogosphere is starting to mutter a bit less stochastically around the suspicion that something is “wrong” with our president.  First, The Washington Post, that Grand Dame of liberal fishwrap, posted a stunning editorial in which Dorothy Rabinowitz essentially inks out a front tooth on Mr. Obama’s official portrait.  She basically says he’s not a […]

Another click on the ratchet of world weirdness


The homosexuals in Spain are banning the Jews from their gay pride parade.  It’s odd on so many levels.  The Israelis are pretty liberal on this issue, if I understand it right.  Their enemies, the Moslems, would execute the homosexuals if they could, even though homosexuality is common in Moslem countries partly because heterosexual relations […]

If this doesn’t choke you up…


HT: The national anthem does have other verses.  Below are the words to the fourth verse (courtesy of Wikipedia), sung by this ex-Marine.  May God bless America, and may God bless the USMC. O! thus be it ever, when freemen shall stand Between their loved home and the war’s desolation! Blest with victory and […]

Serious industry issue is entirely glamor-free


The issue of buried pipe at nuclear plants is a serious Achilles heel for the commercial nuclear power industry.  Pipes get old, spring leaks, and some of the leaks contain radioactive materials.  The radioactive materials are then in the environment where we don’t want them. The Indian Point reactor in New York is the poster […]

Prez declares June national perversion month


No, he didn’t call it that exactly, but that’s the deal.  You’re supposed to celebrate sodomy all month long according to Mr. Obama.  Check it out on the White House web site. This is a man who has lost his moral bearings.  We need to pray for him to recover them.