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This ought to go viral in every Christian land

Linked from Al Mohler’s blog, a Christian preacher has been arrested in London’s Hyde Park for publicly preaching that homosexuality is a sin, or as the preacher put it, “a crime against the creator.”  Follow the link to Mohler’s site where he quotes from the U.K.’s Telegraph.  Mohler’s comments are right on the money, too.  This is the shape of things to come in Western society.  Speaking a moral censure against sodomy is already an offense that will get you fired from your job in America.  Next it’ll get you a free pass to a lockdown.

Just axing as question here, as the President might say — is this kind of behavior okay for Moslems in England?

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  1. Yes, it’s ok for the Muslims. They can spew all the hate they want and won’t be arrested until a bomb is found on their person…

    Here’s another blog by a christian who was arrested in the UK …not for the same reason, but another case of discrimination against Christians whilst upholding the freedoms of Muslims..

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