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The Axis of Taxes Again

The cap-n-tax bill to punish the use of energy is again swirling in the legislative Oort cloud about to loose a death comet upon us.  This bill could easily be worse than ObamaCare® in its effect on the American economy.  Energy touches absolutely every aspect of modern living.  Like a VAT tax, it will add cost to every product and service at every level of delivery.  You’d never be able to tell exactly how much you’re being taxed, which is the whole point.

The American Power Act is nothing if not gargantuan, an 821-page monstrosity of impenetrable government gobbledygook.  Like most congressional work, this is written with the seeming intention of making sure the public can’t understand it.  Here’s an example, but you could find equal or worse on every page:

Regulations issued under section 202(a)(1) applicable to emissions of greenhouse gases from new heavy duty motor vehicles or new heavy-duty motor vehicle engines, excluding such motor vehicles covered by the Tier II standards (as established by the Administrator as of the date of the enactment of this section), shall supersede and satisfy any and all of the rulemaking and compliance requirements of section 32902(k) of title 49, United States Code.

Huh?   For over 800 pages, this tedious kudzu of prose will smother everything it touches.  If it becomes law, we’ll be stepping on its landmines for years to come.  Example 1, the law gives the EPA administrator the authority to regulate the emissions of your weed eater. Example 2, the law creates a Carbon Research Corporation which will be operated potentially as a subsidiary of the Electric Power Research Institute.  Thus a private research corporation paid for by utility companies will get a government Trojan horse rammed through its front gate.

Example 3, a new “WaterSense” program will establish standards for how much water a gadget may use, and most importantly, who may install new water-using gadgets.  The “sense of Congress” clause (page 125) says that only a WaterSense -certified professional may perform this service.  For now, only feddle agencies are bound to comply with this, but if the bill passes, you can depend on it being revised until it eventually covers everyone.  If you think plumbers are expensive now, just wait till this matures and both the faucet and the plumber have to be licensed by the feds.  And say buh-bye to fixing your own toilet flapper with a $5 kit from Lowe’s or replacing an old shower head with a new one.  They’ll only have government shower heads after that.

Prediction: The biggest landmine of them all will go unreported by the mainstream media.  The bill doesn’t simply regulate carbon, carbon dioxide, or methane.  It refers sweepingly to “greenhouse gases” which includes literally every gas known to man including the most potent and abundant greenhouse gas of them all, water vapor.

Creating (by my count) at least 33 new federal programs and nobody knows how many new “funds” for various expenses, this will result in higher expenses for businesses and individuals with no return whatsoever.  It is replete with sops for selected winners and punishments for selected losers.  This bill is just economic fascism in which you’re allowed to own whatever you please, but the government will tell you what to do with it.

But in case you were wondering about carbon offsets becoming a European-style crime racket, not to worry!  They’re creating a special Carbon Offsets Integrity Unit.  Yeah.  That should take care of it.

Please… please, call your senators and representatives and tell them to refuse this anti-American piece of fascist legislation.

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