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Monthly Archives: May 2010

High stakes weeding


The New Testament says there are times when an offending church member should be excluded from the rest of the church.  The textual background on this is about as perspicuous as anything in the Bible.  The following are biblical grounds for being booted out:  Personal offenses not repented of (Matt 18:15-17), serious moral offenses (1 […]

Dumb as a fence post


According to this report published at, New York City has decided to go ahead with plans to build a very large mosque near Ground Zero.  Apparently there was high intensity opposition which got ignored.  It seems to me that the lesson learned is that if you elect leftist rulership, you’ll get leftist outcomes.  Duh.  […]

Permanent tax credit for white men?


Why not?  Denise Bode, president of the American Wind Energy Association wants a permanent tax credit for her pet thingy, windmills.  I figure we should skip the middle step of pretending this is about energy or efficiency or the environment.  She wants money, and taxpayers have money.  Congress is where you go to get it.  […]

Wars, earthquakes, famines and other happy subjects


While preparing to speak on the subject of prophecy, I was reminded what’s wrong with so much preaching on this subject.  Backfitting the newspaper headlines into the book of Ezekiel doesn’t work out so well.  The goal of biblical preaching is to bring out the meaning of a text.  By contrast, the goal of sensational […]

Lessons from Utopia: Free Trade


Some time ago, the Obama administration accused China of cheating on its free trade deals involving vehicle tires.  Well… of course they are.  And so are we.  In the days of Marco Polo, you could have international free trade.  A guy with a boat showed up and bought whatever was for sale, hauled it back […]



One of Shakespeare’s characters pronounced a curse upon his enemy by wishing him to know “how sharper than a serpent’s tooth to have a thankless child.”  Not many things in life are more bitter than to give sacrificially to an ingrate.  Matthew Henry said many times in his commentary, “Call a man an ingrate, and […]

Why homosexual politics matters


The Bible says in various places that ancient landmarks must not be removed. (1)  The texts aren’t so much about property lines as they are observations that things which have stood since ancient times ought not be lightly set aside. Christianity has never — not ever — accepted sodomy.  The Bible in both testaments is […]

Pour out something expensive


John 12 records the story of Mary, the sister of Lazarus, who took a pound of nard and anointed the feet of Jesus with it.  Nard was a perfume imported from the Himalayas to Palestine, and in those days it was very expensive.  Judas Iscariot, eyeing the expense, appraised it at 300 denarii, which was […]

Some good people you might wish to support


We’ve been supporters of the Mission Aviation Fellowship for a long, long time.  They perform a vital service for missionaries, flying people and materials in and out of remote areas.  There are other things they do, too, such as helping to educate the children of missionaries who are located in spots where you wouldn’t want […]

The Axis of Taxes Again


The cap-n-tax bill to punish the use of energy is again swirling in the legislative Oort cloud about to loose a death comet upon us.  This bill could easily be worse than ObamaCare® in its effect on the American economy.  Energy touches absolutely every aspect of modern living.  Like a VAT tax, it will add […]

Shale gas to rock the energy world


Here’s a lengthy analysis from The Wall Street Journal on the changes in global energy outlook due to the development of gas derived from fractured rock, particularly from shale.  This story is only slowly emerging in the mainstream media, but despite their inattention, it may be the biggest energy story in the past many decades.  […]

Like New York City when the lights go out


A discussion elsewhere got me thinking about the long-term sustainability of modern culture.  It isn’t.  Wars, natural disasters, and economic calamities happen regularly down here on this mortal plane.  As a student of prophecy, I know this is coming eventually.  The pale horse follows the black horse follows the red horse follows the white horse, […]

This ought to go viral in every Christian land


Linked from Al Mohler’s blog, a Christian preacher has been arrested in London’s Hyde Park for publicly preaching that homosexuality is a sin, or as the preacher put it, “a crime against the creator.”  Follow the link to Mohler’s site where he quotes from the U.K.’s Telegraph.  Mohler’s comments are right on the money, too.  […]

Google now in the tax farming business


Google has made a small (by its standards) investment in wind farms.  The terms of the investment are of interest to you because you’re going to be giving away free money to one America’s richest companies, and you don’t even have a choice about it.  Google’s investment is $38 million in a North Dakota wind […]

Just asking


Environmentalists here in Florida are going ape over the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, and one of them is advocating an amendment to the Florida Constitution forbidding oil drilling in Florida coastal waters. But I was just wondering whether environmentalism isn’t partly to blame for the Deepwater Horizon oil spill.  Environmentalists have gotten […]