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Why has the far-left freaked out over Arizona saying it’s illegal to be an illegal alien in their state?  Mostly it’s because it signals law and order deciding not to retreat, and this makes the moral anarchists on the left go into brain spasms.

Mainstream media and newspapers in particular continue to decline.  When the hard left radicals who have destroyed honest reporting in the mainstream media have all shriveled up and blown away like Dracula in the morning sun, then maybe newspapers and TeeVee news can make a comeback.  Like Grema Wormtongue, their words are poison.

Observation made from watching sinners on the internet:  Some people think it’s okay to blaspheme God if a famous person did it first, and they’re only copying what he said.

There is an ad called “renember in November” circulating around the internet.  View it here.  It’s artistic and well produced, and although it has little information content, it conveys an anti-left feeling in a potent way.  It’s almost gratifying to see leftists have their demagoguery turned on them.  But I would much prefer a debate about the Constitution — and a population capable of comprehending such a debate.

Lindsey Graham (RINO – SC) staged a prissy fit and withdrew his support from some kind of a deal with the Democrats involving the cap-‘n-trade energy bill.  I don’t know what’s going on, and I am too suspicious of him and his kind to rejoice.  But I’ll take what I can get.  If cap-‘n-trade dies, that would be a glorious silver lining in the socialist cloud darkening American skies.

Even dull preaching can be effective if it’s short.

Something about a refrigerator door compels children to open it and just stand there looking inside.

Fred Reed (no relation) has said in public what USAF officers have been thinking for a long time: The U.S. Navy’s big surface vessels would be tee-totally doomed if a determined and capable enemy went after them in a big way.  Think about it: A big iron thing floating on the surface of the water and moving maybe 28 miles per hour.  How could you possibly miss?

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