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Monthly Archives: April 2010

That “triple your power bill” thing again


This time from energy mogul Grant King, CEO of Australia’s Origin Energy.  Here’s the quote from an article posted at Peak Energy. ‘We think it’s quite possible that by 2020 the cost of energy to consumers could be two to three times what it is today…” Meanwhile George Will is stumping for nuclear power and […]

Here we go again.


Whenever liberals are feeling zesty, they put out a study telling everybody not to spank a yungun.  So are they going to whup us if we ignore their study? What’s killing their credibility is actual children.  I was in Wal-Mart when a manchild of 30 pounds went berzerk, raging and threatening while his spineless worm […]

Fill the water pots


The symbolism in the Bible always interests me because it presents us with such potent illustrations of truth about God.  When Christ turned the water into wine, the six waterpots of stone represent unsaved men, six being the number of man.  The stone pots, like lost men, are lifeless, hollow, empty, and even the stone […]



It seems like everyone is ready to saddle the management of the coal mine with blame for the safety issues that led to the West Virginia mine explosion.  No doubt there is much blame there.  What I want to know is, where was their union? If the mine was unsafe and the union leaders knew […]

The Texas wind power experiment


The great state of Texas has been about as successful as you can be with incorporating wind power into their electric grid.  The system works from an engineering standpoint.  However, financially it’s been a bust.  As AVFTA has pointed out many times, wind farms are mostly subsidy farms, and this is certainly true in Texas.  […]

The Arms Treaty


Conservatives are all heated up about the arms deal Mr. Obama has signed with the Russians.  The text of the treaty is available on line.  I’ve read it.  The nuclear arms limits are lower than the previous START treaty (also on line) but still allow enough firepower for each side to eradicate all living substance […]

Small chunks


We Don’t Need No Education If you want to know just how worthless a diploma from a university can be, consider this.  The University of Hertfordshire in England is planning to offer a Master of Arts degree in Vampire Literature.  These folks are batty. Gimme Gimme Gimme Since the enactment of ObamaCare®, people have been […]

When God forgets


God doesn’t have trouble remembering things.  But it takes a special sort of grace for him to forget something.  And actually, “forgetting” is my term.  The Bible says, “their sins and inquities will I remember no more,” and the word “remember” suggests something active.  He will no longer call our sins to mind.   The Old […]

Kid singing


Follow zee lynx.  This is Carrie singing at Seven Rivers Presbyterian Church on Palm Sunday. Let Everything That Has Breath 1050

Another missing link!


Another breathless announcement is appearing in the U.K. Telegraph announcing that the missing link between apes and people has been found.  As if there were only one.  How many times have we heard this, anyhow?  And besides, the missing link was identified back in the 1960s and seen weekly by millions.  And besides that besides, […]