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Let’s pick somebody to fire!

Mr. Obama has undergone a rare secretion of budget cutting hormone.  Squirt! Isn’t it fascinating that the only federal workers he can imagine laying off are our guys in the space program?   Local news here in Florida says they’ll axe about 9,000 people.

Admittedly, I’m not a huge booster of the space program, and I think the International Space Station (ISS) was a waste from the get-go.  Still, you have to admire the kind of folks that can put a space station in orbit.  Regardless of whether the ISS is worthwhile, at least the people who built it are doing something, and it is something really hard to do, and unlike just about anything else in government, they have done it very well.

Contrast that with, say, the Department of Education.  What do they do?  Does anybody know what they do?  If the Department of Education got raptured, how would America be diminished?  Why couldn’t we jettison 9,000 feddle educrats and keep the NASA people who have actual achievements to their credit?

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