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Jesus and Jehovah

A couple of nice ladies from the Jehovah’s Witnesses stopped by and wanted to talk about the Bible.  They said what they came to say, and I listened politely.  They asked if I had any questions, and I did.  “I’ll bet you know the first verse of the 23rd psalm, don’t you?”  “Yes,” they said, and one of them said it began with, “The Lord is my shepherd,” and then she added, “but it means, “Jehovah is my shepherd.”

I agreed.  “Yes, that’s exactly what it means.  But now let’s go to the New Testament.  Who does John say is the Good Shepherd?”

That question doesn’t stop there.  Hover your mouse pointer over each verse to see the text.  Jesus is Jehovah.

Appellation OT NT
Shepherd Psa 23:1 John 10:11
Rock 1 Sam 2:2 1 Cor 10:4
Lord Psalm 35:23 James 1:1
First and Last Isa 44:6 Rev 22:13
Hope Jer 17:13 1 Tim 1:1
Savior Isa 49:26 2 Pet 3:18
Redeemer Isa 43:1 1 Pet 1:18-19
God Exod 8:27 1 Tim 3:16
Creator Gen 1:1 John 1:3
I AM Exod 3:14 John 8:58

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