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Feds approve Massachusetts tax farm

Somebody decided to give the guys at Cape Wind a break.  Puns about “windfall” are swirling, but no need for that.  Massachusetts is already sucking down federal dollars on the green jobs racket.  Just check out this from the Boston Globe:

Massachusetts already has a growing wind energy industry. A federally-funded facility where workers will test wind turbine blades is under construction in Charlestown. (Emphasis mine)

I’m heartily in favor of the feds getting out of the way and letting the developers at Nantucket build their green gadgets any place they can afford.  But they need to do it on their own dime.  The whole Cape Wind project is designed around subsidies, and in the end, that means the poor folks in Mississippi will be helping the rich folks in Massachusetts pay their light bills.   A local GOP congressional candidate in Massachusetts has criticized the project on this very point, saying, “taxpayers will pay for the $1.3 billion in public funding needed to build this project.”

The nameplate power rating of Cape Wind is said to be 420 megawatts, which is a bit less than half the size of a nuclear unit in the event they ever get it to produce all it can (not likely).  Even if they’re able to manage an excellent 30 percent capacity factor (also not likely), the price per installed reliable megawatt will be more than a nuclear plant just for the federal subsidies! So, as I keep saying to both my readers, every one of these things you plug into the grid drives up cost.

To the guys at Cape Wind, good luck and best wishes.  But would you please build your green gadgets at your own expense?

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