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Monthly Archives: April 2010

Darwin’s D&C


If “human” is what you’ve got at the end product of a long process of development, then nothing’s wrong with killing it off prior to its becoming fully human.  You might as well get surgery to cut out a hemorrhoid as to have an abortion.  Same thing — unwanted, inconvenient tissue which comes from a […]

Solar power’s dark future


Spain is looking for ways to cut its energy expenses as liabilities loom from Greece’s debt crisis.  Since Europe has a common currency, they’re all in this together.  To slash costs, Spain is about to undo its commitment to solar power. It’s hard to imagine what could be a plainer statement of the down side […]

Leadership NOT


Governor Charlie Crist has decided to run for the United States Senate as an independent.  Floridians are likely to feel that this is exactly sort of man that Washington never needs another one of.  A self-serving, ambitious changeling craving power is Earth’s least trustworthy creature.  Gov. Crist’s handlers will need to convince independent voters like […]

Feds approve Massachusetts tax farm


Somebody decided to give the guys at Cape Wind a break.  Puns about “windfall” are swirling, but no need for that.  Massachusetts is already sucking down federal dollars on the green jobs racket.  Just check out this from the Boston Globe: Massachusetts already has a growing wind energy industry. A federally-funded facility where workers will […]

The agony of idiots


The title sounds way more harsh than I wish, but it’s too accurate to change.  So there it is. One of the most difficult issues in Christian ministry at every level is dealing with people who are tragically stupid.  Stupidity is blameworthy when it’s actually a lack of faith. Pastors must figure out how to […]

Noah’s Ark again?


Noah’s Ark has been “found” more than once.  Now Chinese and Turkish adventurers are announcing they might have found it on Ararat.  The article linked below identifies them as “evangelical,” but I have no idea what that might mean to the writer.  It’ll be interesting to see what comes of this latest find since, at […]

This and that


Why has the far-left freaked out over Arizona saying it’s illegal to be an illegal alien in their state?  Mostly it’s because it signals law and order deciding not to retreat, and this makes the moral anarchists on the left go into brain spasms. Mainstream media and newspapers in particular continue to decline.  When the […]

Something to think about


I asked Jack Brooks over at New Covenant Living why it seems that so much carnality enters Christianity via music and musicians.  Here’s his answer which, he claims, originated from the top of his head.  It must be a good spot.  Here’s what he saith: Off the top of my head… 1. Music can fake […]

Jesus and Jehovah


A couple of nice ladies from the Jehovah’s Witnesses stopped by and wanted to talk about the Bible.  They said what they came to say, and I listened politely.  They asked if I had any questions, and I did.  “I’ll bet you know the first verse of the 23rd psalm, don’t you?”  “Yes,” they said, […]

Like Father like Son


Some explanatory help for our friends from the Jehovah’s Witnesses. If you’ve honored Jesus, you’ve honored the Father.  (John 5:23) If you’ve known Jesus, you’ve known the Father.  (John 8:19) Jesus and the Father are one.  (John 10:30) If you’ve believed Jesus, you’ve believed the Father.  (John 12:44) If you’ve rejected Jesus, you’ve rejected the […]

Somewhere between chains and chaos


It’s customary in the Bible-belt South for churches to host bridal showers.  In the days of yore, that was easy.  Respectable people got married only once and had children no fewer than nine months later.  Somewhere about the seventh month of pregnancy, they’d host a baby shower to deal with the whole diaper scene. Now […]

Jennifer who?


Big headlines in the secular news announce that “Christian” singer Jennifer Knapp is gay and is making a big comeback after a seven-year “exile,” with “exile” being in quotes because that’s their word, not mine.  Christians everywhere are asking, “Jennifer who?” So, having learnt by experience to be a bit chary about entertainers, I began […]

Let’s pick somebody to fire!


Mr. Obama has undergone a rare secretion of budget cutting hormone.  Squirt! Isn’t it fascinating that the only federal workers he can imagine laying off are our guys in the space program?   Local news here in Florida says they’ll axe about 9,000 people. Admittedly, I’m not a huge booster of the space program, and I […]



Mr. Obama has signed another one of those executive orders.  Now he says people with strange sexual habits must be permitted to hang around the bedsides of their loved ones in hospitals.  I guess there’s always the danger that one of them could be tempted to repent on his/her/its deathbed, and something needed to be […]

Not much harvest from subsidy farms


Green gadget energy subsidies aren’t getting us much.  Says the EIA, “Year-to-date, coal-fired plants contributed 44.7 percent of the Nation’s electric power. Nuclear plants contributed 20.2 percent, while 23.3 percent was generated at natural gas-fired plants. Of the 1.0 percent generated by petroleum-fired plants, petroleum liquids represented 0.7 percent, with the remainder from petroleum coke. […]