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No karma at Calvary

A friend was sitting in Sunday School when the teacher said something about John Baptist being Elijah “reincarnated.”  When none of the older men objected my friend barged in.  John came in the spirit and power of Elijah, he said, but he was certainly no reincarnation. 

Bravo, my friend.  Reincarnation and resurrection are not similar concepts.  No Christian has any excuse for mixing them up.

With reincarnation’s engine of karma, you are condemned before you live.  Life is your punishment, not a gift.  The ultimate goal of reincarnation is to make life cease forever.  Until it does, reincarnation has you dying countless times as youcycle back through this worldly existence.  And there is no redeemer to save you from any of it.  You have to grind it out on your own, and every mistake in this life just adds cursing to the next.  A hateful doctrine. There is nothing but despair in it.

Being hateful isn’t what proves it false.  What proves it false is that Christ’s tomb is empty.  He was not reincarnated.  He was resurrected, raised bodily from the dead.  Having died once, he dies no more.  He has ascended on high and taken a seat at the right hand of the Father where he reigns until now.  He will not pass through judgment for a billion years hoping to end it all by hopping off the karmic treadmill into oblivion.  No, he has brought life and immortality to light through the Gospel, and his promise is as plain as it is joyful: Because I live, you shall live also.

Even so.  Come, Lord Jesus.

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