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Monthly Archives: March 2010

AGW bribery


The Obama administration is floating a plan to allow offshore drilling for oil.  The motive is to gain Republican support for its climate bill, their nexy totalitarian power grab which you won’t be able to read until it’s signed into law.  The GOP would be well advised to tell Mr. Obama, “No deal.  The oil […]

Energy briefs


Computerizing retail juice Titanic excitement over so-called “smart” electric meters is continuing despite the iceberg.  The ostensible reason for the power industry shifting to smart meters is to allow consumers to better control their power usage.  However, everyone should remember the Stick Theorem, “If a stick has one end, then it has another end.” The […]

Global warming causes hundreds of bizarre disasters


Here’s a web site with a list of things global warming is reported to have caused.  Global warming is actually Satan.  No, really.  See for yourself.  The “Black Hawk down” was caused by global warming, for example.

Ruminating on digestion


I saw a junk science TeeVee show that explained how the earth was made.  As if they knew.  During the discussion of first life, I realized that there’s a big gap in evolutionary theory I hadn’t seen before.  No doubt somebody has written about this before, but it’s a first for me: Digestion.  It requires […]

No karma at Calvary


A friend was sitting in Sunday School when the teacher said something about John Baptist being Elijah “reincarnated.”  When none of the older men objected my friend barged in.  John came in the spirit and power of Elijah, he said, but he was certainly no reincarnation.  Bravo, my friend.  Reincarnation and resurrection are not similar […]

Replacement theology at State Department… sort of


Hillary Clinton has been pounding Israel for building houses in Jerusalem.  It’s a given in Foggy Bottom that Israel, of all nations upon Earth, mustn’t build houses in their capital city.  The tacit subtext is: Eventually, someday out yonder, however long it takes, the Jews must go.  Mr. Netanyahu, who is not a priss, jabbed […]

More government run out of control


Innocent Georgia pastor gunned down in botched drug bust.  They.  Are.  Out.  Of.  Control.  Get it?

Predators and producers


There are producers, and there are predators. In ancient times, agrarian cultures were the producers. They farmed, they shepherded, they ranched, they fished, they made pottery and tools and boats, raised camels and goats, traded spices and gold, and whatever else. But the producers were perpetually harassed by predator societies. The Midianites regularly raided Israel […]



The news of our republic has been grim of late.  For the first time in a long time, responsible voices are using words like “traitor” to describe leftist leaders.  Fighting words for sure.  I used to remind our congregation that America will eventually fall like every other great civilization, probably not now, but eventually.  Like […]

Atomic Quixote


I keep reading about proposals for small nuclear reactors.  Toshiba is offering a design that produces a few megawatts and won’t need refueling for something like 30 to 40 years.  The concept is to provide power for a neighborhood rather than a few counties. The Institute for Nuclear Power Operations, or “INPO,” has published a […]

Lawlessness on the left


The so-called “Slaughter Rule” that’s been in the news is an act of anarchy being threatened by Democrats in the Congress.  That angers but does not surprise me.  As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, the Secular Man lurches back and forth between anarchy and tyranny depending on whether the object in view is something he […]

Speaking into a black hole


The Christian concept of freedom within form is the idea that God sets certain boundaries, and within those boundaries you can do as you please.  The boundaries must be respected, but the liberty we have within the boundaries is God’s gift to decent men.  The idea of form is being lost because America no longer […]

Little snapshot of government officiousness


We took a ferryboat ride in Southport, NC.  Once we got aboard the boat, a government agent went car to car demanding to see everyone’s driver’s license.  We had our windows down and heard the guy in the vehicle next to us get challenged about being there at all.  The uniformed man said to him […]

Stomping the trip wire


I hate to do this but… This is about the fifth total re-write of this post.  Reason: This is about gender roles, and the subject of gender roles really is a minefield.  You can die on the gibbet for preaching this.  But that’s not because the biblical view is abstruse.  In fact it’s quite clear, […]

Government Motors versus Toyota


Sometimes being cynical about Washington is enough to foresee things.  I said here that once GM became government motors that the government would find ways to shift buying decisions toward GM and away from Toyota. “So now we have government car companies.  What are the chances that the government will now start taking steps to […]