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Monthly Archives: February 2010

Primordial soup, hot and salty


Science Daily is reporting the death of a theory of life.  I mentioned a couple of days ago that one of the big gaps in evolutionary theory is the jump from minerals to life.  The original theory for how to get over that gap was that a body of water containing some basic compounds was […]

Earth calling Washington!


Washington, D.C., lives in its own moral cocoon.  Nobody needs to prove that, but it is remarkable that one of the most foul-mouthed politicians of our time is finally in trouble for something he said.  It was not the traditional gaffe either, defined as someone accidentally blurting out the truth.  No, Rahm Emanuel said a […]

Rumination on the freeness of grace


The freeness of grace means God bestows his favor on us without cost.  Christ paid the entire price, fulfilling all the law to the utmost, including its penalties and curses which he suffered and did not deserve. (Heb 4:15)  Salvation comes to us, as the prophet said, without money and without price.  (Isa 55:1) By […]