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No global warming since 1995?

The guy at the center of ClimateGate, Professor Phil Jones, is on record in the Daily Mail saying there has been no statistically significant global warming since 1995.  I gather that this means the uncertainty of his data is bigger than the change in his data.  In other words, the margin of error is bigger than the change.  No less important, he’s now conceding the existence of the so-called medieval warming period, a period of time the “deniers” have noted as evidence that climate changes constantly through historical time, that this is perfectly normal and not something caused by industrial-age CO2 emissions or cow farts.

These are astonishing admissions from Jones since he’s been chief Chaldean  for the United Nations team that told us last August, “We have just four months. Four months to secure the future of our planet.”  So we’re not dead already?  You’ve got to be a bit relieved, no?

What’s just as important about this, though left unsaid in the article, is that even the new PeeCee term “climate change” doesn’t apply any more.  That term has come into popularity as a wave of blizzards dumped more snow on Washington, D.C., than that city has recorded ever.  The resort to such a dumb eumphemism was always transparently specious since the goal was to reduce greenhouse gas emissions which purportedly warm the planet.   So, look.  Either the climate has changed in the past couple of decades or it hasn’t.  If it hasn’t — and according to Jones this is actually the case — then the whole scam collapses.  But even if it has changed some teensy bit, the change is so miniscule it’s beyond our power to measure it.  Long-time readers of AVFTA may recall that this is exactly what I said about the warmists’ claims about temperature measurement.  They cannot possibly know what they claim to know.  And now Dr. Jones is coming clean on this.  About time.

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