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Earth calling Washington!

Washington, D.C., lives in its own moral cocoon.  Nobody needs to prove that, but it is remarkable that one of the most foul-mouthed politicians of our time is finally in trouble for something he said.  It was not the traditional gaffe either, defined as someone accidentally blurting out the truth.  No, Rahm Emanuel said a bad word — bad according to the canons of Washington morality.  After years of dropping F-bombs and blasphemies everywhere and strafing conservatives with every expletive known to the maritime classes, Rahm called somebody “retarded,” meaning that the person had done something stupid.

In a flash, the PeeCee police pounced on him.  Like Lewis Carroll said, “Calloo!  Callay!”  Now he’ll have to do penance the Washington way which amounts to joining some group or other organized to oppose whatever PeeCee sin was committed.  Soon the Citizens Against the R-Bomb (CARB) will have a new member.  Everyone will be chortling behind his back because nobody really believes all that PeeCee crap (oops!  Pardon my French…), and their jubilation at seen Rahm get caned is all the evidence we need.

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  1. This is great, Steve ~ I came back to this today as I’ve posted on my facebook, Charlton Heston’s speech to Harvard Law School from Feb. 1999 — you’ve probably heard/read it before, but thought I’d share with ya ~ it’s always a great reminder about the pc crap …

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