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Cap and trade undead, reprise

To borrow Mr. Obama’s football metaphors, health care is on its fourth down at the enemy 20-yard line.  To win, the Washington Socialists need a touchdown and a two-point conversion.  They started with a first down on the one-yard line but a coalition of liberty-loving Americans has proven tougher than expected.  So Coach Obama has called a time out.

While the health care coaches are cooking up a new strategery, Mr. Obama’s congressional enablers are quietly continuing to talk cap and trade, energy bill, carbon limits, and all that stuff again.  They are like the ring wraiths — they never stop hunting for power.

No, not electric power.  They hold to the governmental theory of energy which says electric power can be created by executive order.  The power they’re looking for is of a different sort.  The key concept is that governments aggrandize domestic power by becoming an obstruction which can be temporarily moved aside for money.  So they want power over power, so to speak, and intend to get it by making it really hard for Americans to make any more of it.  You don’t even have to know what’s in the energy bill to know that if the Democrats get their way, there will be less oil, less coal, less gas, less nuclear power, more regulation and complexity, and all of it will cost more.

To fool the public which is not savvy about such things, they will do a head fake about there being more power through wind and solar.  As we’ve shown repeatedly, however, these sources are simply too small to carry the freight, and they are economic losers, big time.

I apologize, sorta-kinda, for editorializing so negatively, but then the political facts of life are very negative right now.  What you need to do is call your representative and senators and tell them: There is no energy bill written by this present administration or its congressional agents which can help America’s energy future.  Any time prior to February 2011, any energy or climate bill is worse than no bill at all.

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