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Monthly Archives: January 2010

America never was a Christian nation?


So said Neal Boortz the other day, proudly displaying his ability to stir controversy.  Actually, stirring controversy over this subject is about like rolling toilet paper through the trees in front of the principal’s house.  It’s mental vandalism.  Then again, I knew a kid who became a lawyer, and his favorite pastime was winning an […]

Disaster in Haiti


The disaster question Christians get challenged whenever there’s a cataclysm like the earthquake in Haiti.  This was not as big as the Christmas tsunami of 2004, but it was still vast.  It may end up being the greatest loss of life ever to occur in the western hemisphere. So if God is good and all-powerful, […]

Following Jesus


Christ Jesus described the Christian life in the simplest of terms: Follow me.  Sometimes he elaborated on that and said for us to take up our crosses and follow him. At the time of his betrayal, all four evangelists record that Peter and certain women followed Jesus “afar off” or words to that effect.  (Mt […]

First life


Life begetting life is natural.  Minerals begetting life is not natural.  The origin of first life is not the only unsolved problem for the evolutionist, but it’s certainly the biggest.  There are two basic theories of how life began.  The first is that a molecule similar to DNA randomly came together and began replicating itself.  […]

From the moonbat tribe


Update on the latest Cape Wind caper. says: Native Americans say they need an unobstructed view of the sound to carry out their spiritual sun greetings and that ancestors are probably buried on the seafloor, which was once exposed land. Then later in the same article: the Mashpee Wampanoag tribe [is attempting] to have […]

Case study in why Americans are unemployed


I’ve written several times about Cape Wind, the large wind turbine project proposed for construction off the coast of Massachussetts.  The environmental impact studies and other bureaucratic hurdles have already cost the developer millions of dollars.  Now a new roadblock threatens to scuttle the whole thing, wasting all the spent resources for no return at […]

Climate bill becoming undead


Now that the Democrat Congress has scored a first down in their drive to nationalize the health care industry, the climate bill is beginning to rumble around like swamp gas in the belly.  The RINOs are sniffing for headlines and media attention, led, as usual, by the inexplicable Lindsey Graham.  Graham is interested in a […]

America’s Big Question for 2010


It’s a busy year shaping up.  Al Queda and the Taliban are refusing to play dead.  The banking crisis is in a temporary quiescent phase, but all those trillions of phony dollars they printed last year are working like termites on our national weal.  The Marxist take-over of health care will enter the period of […]

We need repentance


by Jack Brooks 2009 was a pretty bad year for most people. We need to turn to God for 2010. Slack loan procedures, fired by rampant greed, mixed with wrong-headed social philosophies, excused and ignored by our elected officials until it was too late, and paid for with our money, knocked over this brittle house […]