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Look what you’re standing on

In God we live, move, and have our being (Ac 17:28), and in him all things consist.  (Col  1:17)  Daniel calls him “the God who holds your breath in his hand and owns all your ways.” (Dan 5:23)  He sustains all things by the word of his power (Heb 1:3), which includes us.  I don’t know how he goes about doing this.  It’s just a glorious paradox that his supernatural action sustains all nature.

There is a small price: God requires people to acknowledge he’s doing this.  All things were created by him and for him (Col 1:16), so it’s only reasonable that reasonable creatures should know about it and say it. This is the starting point of real religion, and people who take the step of actually loving God rejoice to know that such a faithful creator holds us in his hand.

There are folks who ignore this.  There are others who lapse into histrionics upon being reminded that it’s the Lord who made us and not we ourselves.  (Ps 100:3)  It offends their conceit of self-sufficiency.  Paul said there are folks who don’t even want to retain God in their knowledge at all.  (Rom 1:28)

The Bible says God mostly obliges them.  When military pilots drop a guided bomb, it’s supposed to activate its guidance mechanism.  When it doesn’t turn on, the pilots call it letting the bomb “go stupid.”  When people shut God out of their minds, he lets them go stupid.  They end up with a Frankenstein knowledge base, a creepy sort of undead thing that manufactures babies in test tubes while slaying the regular ones in the womb.

God is the ground of all wisdom, knowledge, truth, and order.  Every step away from him is a descent into folly, ignorance, deceit, and chaos.

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