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Brown in Massachussets

Mr. Brown certainly cut a new trail getting elected to the Senate as a Republican in Massachussets.  Let’s hope he cuts another new trail by being something other than a RINO from the northeast.  If his presence stops ObamaCare®, that alone will be cause for gratitude to the grace of a kindly Providence.   But ObamaCare®, bad as it is, is not by a long shot the biggest problem facing this country.  We have much more serious matters threatening us, most of them falling under the category of the abuse of the sexual relationship, and at the top of that ugly heap is the horrific crime of abortion.  Mr. Brown, if I have been informed correctly, does not support efforts to make this crime a crime.

But let’s not dwell on this.  Fact is, Brown could not have gotten elected in Massachussets if he’d been pro-life.  Massachussets won’t be pro-life until the general public up there gets persuaded that preborn life is more important than being able to have sex without taking responsibility for the children thus conceived.  However, ObamaCare® would have been (still could be…) the biggest boon to abortionists ever, so let’s be thankful if Brown’s election throws a crowbar through the spokes on the abortion machinery, even if that crowbar is a mite accidental.  We should take what we can get for now, so that alone is cause for pro-lifers to be grateful to God who, as Doug Wilson likes to say, can draw straight with crooked lines.

On the other issue I’ve blogged at length about — the Democrat takeover of the energy industry known as cap-and-trade – Brown is unequivocal on his web site.  He says he opposes it.  Let’s hope so.  Cap-and-trade is an economy-choking, job-killing beast of a bill based on the carbon dioxide hoax.  The sooner it dies, the better.  Maybe if it gets dead enough, Congress might be persuaded to remove some of the regulatory gulches that are keeping American energy projects stuck in neutral and American workers stuck in the unemployment office.

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  1. As always, well said, Steve!

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