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Monthly Archives: January 2010

In case you thought this was going away


Support the Reed Amendment: No person who receives money from the government for any reason except a refund of overpayment of income tax shall be permitted to vote in the election following receipt of that money.

Evolution’s gaps


These aren’t really gaps as that’s far too small a word.  These are more like megaparsecs or something. 1.  The gap from nothing to something. There is nothing about nature which leads us to expect that something could ever come from nothing naturally.  Everyone is agreed that the universe had a beginning.  Now the question […]

The Gospel of full disclosure


There is a danger in presenting the freeness of grace that we forget to bring along the obligations of being a child of God.  In the cross of Christ, all our sin debt is paid.  What is a debt that is paid?  It is nothing.  It is a memory, something annihilated and is no more.  […]

A full earth


No big secret here: the minor prophets are pretty heavy on death and judgment, gloom and doom.  Habakkuk follows the pattern by foretelling the Chaldean invasion and detailing the calamities of war.  The Chaldeans are bitter and hasty, coming for violence, filling up the land, and Israel will be taken prisoner by the ten-thousands captive […]

From the proprietor of CREEPpl Surveillance


The Empire State’s “massive” solar project


Governor Paterson of New York has announced he’s going to build a 100 MW solar power station.  Stations may be a better word because he’ll probably have to distribute the generation quite a bit, but there’s no ambiguity about the power level.  He says he wants 100 MW, and the news media are calling it […]

Watch out about this


Esau married two local women whom Moses reports were “a grief of mind” to his parents, Isaac and Rebekah. (Ge 26:35)  Grief of mind, yeah, I get that.  It doesn’t say how Esau took it.  I’m betting his mind was more than a little grieved, too.  Bad spouses (spice?) don’t just make the in-laws miserable.  […]

Blessing mailed from India


Hey, check this out.  What a kid, eh?  Translation below.

Using a hornet nest for a piñata


My opinions on tithing have shifted around over the years.  Okay, so I’m unstable and I admit it.  But one thing has remained stable since I read Deuteronomy 14 a long time ago.  The average Christian is shocked, shocked when he discovers what the Bible actually says about tithing.  He is even more shocked when […]

General note to phone users


There is no need to shout at people who are at a distance.  One reason we use telephones is so that will no longer be necessary.

Nifonging the power companies


Disgraced North Carolina district attorney Mike Nifong made news a few years ago for busting a group of college boys, egging on a prejudiced public with lurid tales of race and rape.  In the end, Nifong was found to have known his charges were false, lost his law license and terminated his low-down career as […]

Look what you’re standing on


In God we live, move, and have our being (Ac 17:28), and in him all things consist.  (Col  1:17)  Daniel calls him “the God who holds your breath in his hand and owns all your ways.” (Dan 5:23)  He sustains all things by the word of his power (Heb 1:3), which includes us.  I don’t […]

Old Gray Lady: No gusto for wind power


An article in the New York Times looks at the costs involved in trying to make wind power a major factor in power generation along the east coast of the United States.  It turns out that it’s going to cost an enormous amount, require back-up coal or gas generation to accommodate intermittent winds, a truly […]

It’s Bush’s fault


Explaining Coakley’s loss to Brown, Mr. Obama said, “People are angry, and they’re frustrated. Not just because of what’s happened in the last year or two years, but what has happened over the last eight years.” Carrying Bush Derangement Syndrome into the White House will prove to be a mistake, I expect.  Not everything wrong […]

Brown in Massachussets


Mr. Brown certainly cut a new trail getting elected to the Senate as a Republican in Massachussets.  Let’s hope he cuts another new trail by being something other than a RINO from the northeast.  If his presence stops ObamaCare®, that alone will be cause for gratitude to the grace of a kindly Providence.   But […]