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Our moribund Constitution

A question has been circulating around the internet and conservative talk radio: Where in the Constitution is Congress authorized to compel every American to buy into an insurance program of any kind?

The short answer is that it’s not there.  The longer answer is that it may have ceased to matter.

If you think the Republicans will fight ObamaCare® on principle, consider this.  One of the GOP leaders in the Senate is John McCain.  Sen. McCain co-sponsored the McCain-Feingold anti-free speech act which directly violates the first amendment in the Bill of Rights, yet both houses of Congress passed it; the president signed it, and then a “conservative” Supreme Court gave it a nod under the non-constitutional process known as “judicial review.”  There was really not any part of the law or its enactment that would pass muster under a plain reading of the Constitution, and yet now the law of the land tells you what kinds of political speech are illegal during a political campaign and even defines who may and who may not engage in political speech.

The grievously misnamed “Patriot Act” is a similar epic fail of the fourth amendment.  We are all subject to being wiretapped these days, having e-mail searched, on line banking accounts reviewed and scanned, and so on.  This is precisely the kind of activity forbidden to the government, yet they’re doing it.  No doubt it has prevented some terrorists from achieving their goals.  But we haven’t gotten to the last chapter yet. What will you do when the terrorists get control of the government?

Not realistic, you say?  Mr. Obama’s presidency should tell you something important about just how realistic this can be.  Mr. Obama is an unreconstructed Marxist who hired a Marxist adviser, an admirer of Chairman Mao as another adviser, and whose apparent biographer is a terrorist.  Al Queda is a serious enemy, yes, but the history of the twentieth century shows that the deadliest enemy of them all can be your own government.  Think about it: If you were a terrorist, wouldn’t you want to get control of the government?

There were plenty of ways suggested during the debate about the Patriot Act to perform the necessary investigations which would have satisfied the fourth amendment requirements for probable cause, warrants, and judicial involvement.  These were simply disregarded by the executive and legislative branches.  The judicial branch, which ought to have objected by unanimously vowing to throw out any evidence obtained via such instruments as warrantless wiretaps, has collectively gone stupid.

So now the Pelosicrats are poised to impose the world’s largest protection racket on us via health care.  People want to know where in the Constitution they find the power to do this, and I’m thinking the time to have been asking this question was many decades ago.  This latest power grab is just one more car in the long train of abuses, and we ain’t seen the kaboose yet.

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