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Not to sound all broken-recordish…

It’s a rare thing when I see any TeeVee, but unforeseen events have placed news programming before my gaze, and I’m struck by the inviolable character of the PeeCee speech codes regarding the Crotch Bomber.  There is really only one thing in common with all the people who have recently perpetrated terrorist acts against the United States: They are all Moslems.  News readers, including those on Fox, are apparently not permitted to say this.

Does this mean we should arrest all Moslems on suspicion of being bomber wannabes?  No.  But it should be getting ever more clear that we’re really wasting our resources searching everybody when a very tiny subset of the population will suffice.  Yes, this would violate PeeCee codes.  But I’m thinking it would not really violate the Constitution at all.  The first amendment forbids the Congress from passing a law respecting an establishment of religion.  Nothing about that says that we’re not permitted to notice if adherents of a particular religion are waging war upon us and reacting to that reality.

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