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Monthly Archives: December 2009

Not to sound all broken-recordish…


It’s a rare thing when I see any TeeVee, but unforeseen events have placed news programming before my gaze, and I’m struck by the inviolable character of the PeeCee speech codes regarding the Crotch Bomber.  There is really only one thing in common with all the people who have recently perpetrated terrorist acts against the […]

The Government Truth Rejector


Once again, a radical Moslem boarded a plane with the intent to murder everyone on board. The incapacity of our government officials to notice who did this this is surpassed only by the inability of the larger culture to compel them to notice. Just for amusement, let’s hypothesize that a group of radical Amish were […]

Exactly one


One of the early lessons you learn in mathematics is the meaning of the phrase exactly one.  Mathematically useful procedures usually produce exactly one solution.  Two and two make four, and they never make anything else.  This sweeps away confusion and allows us to say definite things about two and two.  If you’re adding two […]

If one died for all, then all were dead.


Paul reasoned on the basis of Christ’s atoning sacrifice for all mankind that all mankind is under the judgment of God. (2 Cor 5:14)  This says something important about evangelism and the Christian life. The success of some of the industrial-scale megachurches has made it popular to preach Christ as the one who can “meet […]

Our moribund Constitution


A question has been circulating around the internet and conservative talk radio: Where in the Constitution is Congress authorized to compel every American to buy into an insurance program of any kind? The short answer is that it’s not there.  The longer answer is that it may have ceased to matter. If you think the […]

A mission of destruction


Hebrews 2:14 says Jesus came to destroy the devil himself, and then the Apostle John says the Son of God was manifested “to destroy the works of the devil.”  (1 Jn 3:8) The destruction of the devil is easy for us to get.  In Revelation 20:1 the Lord sends his angel to grab Satan, bind […]

Like slapping a cactus


Pastors, you cannot deal with the issue of public schooling without offending lots of people.  No matter how gently you touch on it, no matter how lovingly you encourage your folks, no matter how humbly you speak your entreaty, folks are going to get mad.  If you suggest they remove their kids from government control […]

Another vote pimp sells his state


This time it’s Ben Nelson, Democrat Senator from the red light district of Omaha.   The WaPo article I’ve linked doesn’t tell how much money will be confiscated from you to pay off this dishonorable person, but if the price is anything like that of Madam Landrieu’s, it may also be surprisingly cheap.  It makes you […]

Mother of God


It’s Christmas time, so Christians are turning their attention to the miracle of the incarnation when the Word was made flesh (Jn 1:14), or as Paul expresses it, “God was manifest in the flesh.”  (1 Tim 3:16)  For those who wander by AVFTA unawares, this is a Christian web site, and we Christians believe that […]

Line item veto


Senator LeMieux has introduced into the Senate a proposed amendment to the Constitution to require the federal budget to be balanced.  The amendment would empower the president with a line item veto. The problem with the line item veto is that the president already has too much power.  The Framers intended the Congress to be […]

The statist mentality is repellent to true Christianity


When confronted with a charitable need, the statist reflexively supplicates the government: You must do something! he cries. But he himself does nothing because he feels no personal responsibility to do squat. Responsibilities are for others to shoulder, and the biggest shoulders he can think of are those of the government. The statist mentality seldom […]

Green tyrants beating plowshares into swords


The climate meeting at Copenhagen could hardly be going better for people who want to retain their freedom.  First the ClimateGate scandal exposed the dark side of the environmental complex in which government, academia, and the media all got synchronized on the same hard-left harmonic.  The word “conspiracy” got passed around a lot, and the […]

A childhood Christmas story that was all wrong


A version of the incarnation story goes something like this: A kid got interested in ants and bought one of those glass ant farms where he could see them burrowing.  He studied the ants and learned what he could by observing them.  Eventually he exclaimed, “I could never know all about ants unless I became […]

Didn’t expect this so soon.


The left has tipped its hand unexpectedly early.  The Financial Post is a Canadian publication, and here’s their editorial admiring China’s one-child policy.  The globalist left represents the most misanthropic cultural pathology since Dr. Strangelove.  If you assume they wish to minimize human presence on Earth and impoverish what little remains, you’ll be pretty good at predicting […]

Uh-oh. Now the WaPo has committed climate sacrilege.


They’ve allowed — get this — Sarah Palin to write a brief editorial on climate issues, Copenhagen and ClimateGate.  For the WaPo to allows this person to express her anti-warmist views is no less amazing than the guys from Princeton going public in their opposition to AGW.  If this keeps up, I could start to […]