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Treating terror as an ordinary crime

Two stories in the news show why the Obama administration showed a supernatural degree of naïveté in trying to treat terrorists as if they were local American crooks.  First, by putting the 9/11 terrorsts on trial in New York, they’ve cast the shadow over the city of further reprisals directed specifically at them.  Second, the terrorists have signalled their intention to use all the follies of American jurisprudence in their defense.  They will plead innocent and then start the legal process.  You know the drill… the discovery phase where they demand we expose all our military secrets followed by the dragging it out for years at a cost of millions phase, followed by jury selection where defense experts winnow from the population the 12 stupidest specimens ever seen, followed by the counterattack phase where they put America on trial, followed by claims they were tortured, followed by claims that they had to do it because they were in a state of rage, or were insane, or had eaten too much candy.

The same thing is now unfolding in the case of the Navy SEALs who captured the killers of four Blackwater employees.  During the arrest, the killer got punched and suffered a fat lip.  Now he’s suing.

The Obama administration, deaf as a stone to the pleas of real justice, simply cannot imagine why there is any objection to all this.  Mr. Obama (lawyer) and his henchman lawyer Eric Holder are all about getting stuff into courts.  But there is no institution in the Western world with a more deservedly contemptible reputation than that of the courts.  Going to court is just a crap shoot where decent people are required to bet against the cheaters who loaded the dice in the first place.  Nothing done in a court has the least connection to seeking justice or aligning man’s behavior with God’s eternal standards of righteousness.  Like Cobra Bubbles‘ aliens, they’re just all about rules, and if the rules can be twisted by a shyster to say we have to release Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and jail the Navy SEALs… oh well.  Better luck next time, suckers!

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