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Monthly Archives: November 2009

The actual physics of hell


When blasphemous men go to hell, they’ll be required to sit for an interview with a female psychologist.  She will ask endless, endless questions about their feelings.  They’ll be required to talk, talk, talk about their feelings, emotions and such.  Eternally.  During coffee breaks, they’ll be required to watch movies where groups of women sit […]

Three reasons the nation is splitting and getting angry


The political body of Americans has divided neatly into two parts which, it increasingly appears, cannot be reconciled.  Three basic issues, typically joined together in a wad, are separating us deeply from our fellow Americans.  These three issues are property rights, the right to life, and civilization’s standard for sexual morality. No surprise here: People […]

Evil Empire wins First Battle of ObamaCare®


Nancy Pelosi managed to cram a version of ObamaCare® through the House of Representatives last night.  Down went all those brave campaign promises about letting people read the bill before it was voted on.  So in the dead of night, on a Saturday night, with the public prevented from reviewing the full bill, she found […]

Army chief of staff either delusional or…


It’s hard to know what to say when a Moslem Army officer shouts “Allahu akbar” while gunning down unarmed victims, and then the Army chief of staff says, “it’s important for the country not to get caught up in speculation about the Muslim faith.” With all due respect, General, we expect leaders in uniform to […]

Environmental fraud strangling America


Dr. Edwin Berry is an actual expert on climate science, one who can legitimately make the claim.  He’s posted an article on the fraudulent and destructive nature of the modern environmental movement at Anthony Watts’ web site.  You can read the article at this link.  Interesting highlight: Dr. Berry describes the day a lawyer from […]

Product review: LED Mag-Lite bulb replacement


Several years ago, a kid in my church gave me a two D-cell Mag-Lite.  It’s a good light, tough enough for cops to use for self defense when the need arises.  But the old incandescent bulb, though considered feisty in its day, is out of date.  Dim and yellow and a battery hog, it was […]

Too beautiful for words


Youtube wants you to watch it from their site, so click on the link when the message appears.

Gimme dat Wall Street religion


I hope I may be forgiven for dumping on my brethren, but something’s definitely amiss in the financial affairs of many churches.  Lots of churches, beaucoup of them, are deeply in debt.  There are five basic things things wrong with churches being in deep debt. 1. It’s the result of a misguided approach to Christianity.  […]

More on shale gas: Energy revolution underway?


A Texas reader alerted me to this article from the Wall Street Journal on the continuing transformation in energy markets wrought by the advent of gas sources which were previously unretrievable.  Some types of rock bind the gas so tightly that drilling vertically through a rock layer liberates too little of it to make a […]

Religion of peace


It’s now pretty much acknowledged everywhere that Major Malik Nadal Hasan, the Fort Hood shooter, was shouting “Allahu akbar” while he was murdering his unarmed victims.  The death cult of political correctness rolls on, and America’s inability to name its enemies has claimed at least 13 more lives. How long before we admit that a […]

Get your kids out of the government indoctrination camps


Andrew Breitbart may someday be regarded as a sort of Thomas Paine figure in American history — if the republic survives the present onslaught from the radical left.  And if you’re objecting to inflammatory phraseology like “radical left,” consider the string of videos Breitbart has found at this link.  These are kids in government schools, […]

Diatribe against smart meters


The low-level gallumphing for “smart” electric power meters is still going on, albeit the gallumphing is mostly under the radar.  The key concept behind Phase 1 of the coming dominion of smart meters is that people can control somebody else’s power usage with the click of a computer mouse.  The pieces are slowly getting scooted into […]

Messianic passages coloring our outlook


Let the sea roar, and all its fullness, The world and those who dwell in it; let the rivers clap their hands; Let the hills be joyful together before the Lord.  For He is coming to judge the earth. With righteousness He shall judge the world, and the peoples with equity.  (Psalm 98:7-9 NKJV) Messianic […]