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One odd and one end

Wall paper

Wall paper is self-vandalism for your home.  It’s like putting a bumper sticker on your car.  It uglies up the place and quickly serves up a dish of lasting regret.  Honestly, how long does it take before you’re wishing that Palin/McCain bumper sticker wasn’t on there?  Oops!  McCain/ Palin!  Sorry about that.  Back to wall paper: It shows the perversity and wickedness of mankind that people would invent something that won’t stay stuck and yet can’t be removed.  People buy it when they’re feeling all risky and wild about decor; then they install it typically in the two places where it cannot possibly stay stuck neatly — the bath and the kitchen — and then spend years regretting the choice.  Alert to all stupid humans: The bath and kitchen feature high humidity which loosens the glue.  And besides, isn’t sticking stuff on the wall with glue exactly the sort of thing every responsible parent tells toddlers not to do?

The appeal of Sarah Palin

She’s back in the news a lot.  Apparently her new book sold extremely well.  People on the right bought it to find out about McCain’s pathologies, and those on the left bought it so they could dig around looking for errors and ammunition against her future candidacy for whatever she runs for.  Why is this person such a lightning rod?  Bro. Steve’s analysis is that she personifies the political un-establishment.  The Ivy-League left, which despises our Constitution and loathes anything touched however lightly by Christian values, is the core of America’s political establishment.   Nobody is supposed to be a key player unless that person somehow comes through the their vetting process, their schools, their media, or whatever.  Palin passed through none of the above, so she’s an outsider to them, and therefore by Ivy-League definition she’s an enemy of their power, and their media are treating her like an enemy.  I’ve never seen any political person insulted so frequently with so many seriously vile terms by leftist media and web sites.  Not being current on abbreviated slanders written in “text” language, I’ve had to look up some of these words.  It’s been a short journey into the depravity of these people. 

Constitutional conservatives, who are the un-establishment, haven’t had somebody to rally around since Ronald Reagan left office.  Along comes Sarah Palin riding a wave of serendipity, and things just clicked.  It’s not because she’s the best moral example or the most articulate defender of conservative principles.  If she’s all that familiar with the contents of the Constitution or what the real, modern day issues are (think tenth amendment), she hasn’t spent much time on either subject.  No, the real deal is closer to what Solomon said about the quirkiness of life: Time and chance happeneth to them all.  (Eccl 9:11) She was there at the right place and the right time and viola! became the face of conservatism.  My prediction is that she won’t be able to carry the freight for the conservative movement because, at least so far, she hasn’t demonstrated the intellectual depth and eloquence of Ronald Reagan.  But if she can make Obama and the Ivy-League Marxists wake up with night terrors, well, I’m all for that.

(Note to the occasional leftist dropping by here: You’re smirking something along the lines of, “Reagan?  Intellectual Depth?  Are you freaken’ out of your mind?”  My response is twofold.  First, the Ivy League calls everyone stupid except themselves.  Don’t listen to them.  Second, go searching around the internet and find old speeches by Governor Reagan and compare them to anything you can find by your favorite Ivy League president.  Here’s his speech against socialized health care.  Compare his reasoning against the dunderheaded emotional appeals of your favorite liberal and then ask yourself who’s the real dunce.)

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