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Quetzlcoatl and the coming race of giant, cloned, flying, demon-powered, man-eating cops

Here’s another important news flash from late night radio.  A country in South America has a 21.6 foot skeleton of a giant (see Gen 6:4), and they’re getting DNA from this guy.  Once a race of these giant beings has been successfully cloned, they’ll be put into police work where there will be no end to their cruelty because they have no hearts and no end to their evil because they have no souls.  Clones are just that way, I guess.

The physicists over at the CERN laboratory on the border of Switzerland and France are a few steps away from creating a black hole which will release demons from the volcano Mt. Krakatoa.  “Black hole” is similar to “abyss,” which is where a bunch of demons are locked away. (see Rev 9:1-3 ASV)  Mt. Krakatoa is located near and somehow connects to the abysses of the Pacific.  The guest on the show said (mistakenly) that Krakatoa is at the global antipode for CERN.  When the scientists make either a black hole or a Higgs boson (aka, the “God particle” ), it will travel through a seismic shock wave to the global antipode, cause a sympathetic quake over there and set off Mt. Krakatoa, thereby unleashing the demons.  The demons will then buzz over to South America and inhabit the bodies of the giants being cloned by the unnamed government there, and the un-souled, un-conscienced giant policemen will then be the enforcers for a global government from hell.

QuetzThis is all proven by four very arresting facts.  First, demon faces have been appearing on the computer screens of scientists at CERN.  Second, a bird dropped a piece of bread down a pipe at CERN and caused massive damage to the machinery.  Third, officials at the Palo Verde nuclear plant near Phoenix said bird dookey accumulating on high voltage insulators had caused problems over there — a likely story which the speaker said he was definitely not buying.  Fourth, the Aztec god Quetzalcoatl was depicted in the form of a lizard-like bird-man which is more or less what ties all this together because the real historical Quetzlcoatl was actually a quasi-humanoid giant, gene-spliced clone, made by ancient technology only now being rediscovered.  Having no soul, Quetzlcoatl was inhabited by a demon and ate human flesh.

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  1. gary

    I have heard it all now.

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