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Climategate: the plot gets nastier

The American Thinker is reporting that the formerly respected BBC has been in possession of the incriminating e-mails for a long time but has spiked the story.  This tends to confirm Steven J. Milloy’s in saying that the e-mails weren’t hacked or stolen but were in fact leaked by an insider who had access to them.  Milloy further alleges that the e-mails were compiled in response to a British Freedom of Information Act request but then apparently never released.  The content of some of the e-mails shows beyond any reasonable doubt that the political scientists at CRU were deliberately evading the FOIA requests.  The insider may have considered himself as ensuring CRU overcame its reluctance to comply.

What’s interesting about the BBC’s refusal to move with the story is that most of the mainstream media in the United States are similarly committed to snuffing it out.  My search of the word “climategate” on,, and turned up no hits.  Oddly, MSNBC did produce some hits though none of them from its own reporting.  Of the mainstream TeeVee media in America, only Foxnews has been covering the story.  Of course the leftist media around the world have been promoting this scare-mongering story for years.  It just fits with the left’s generally misanthropic, anti-liberty, anti-western, anti-capitalist outlook.

As for printed media, the New York Times and the Washington Post, the left’s two most prominent advocacy publications, did return some search hits on the word “climategate,” but these appear either in blogs, or in the case of the Times, in an article written by Andrew Revkin who is actually mentioned in the e-mails.  Revkin does not appear in a favorable light in the e-mails as you can see by searching here on the word “revkin.”  The Old Gray Lady probably needs a makeover in her environmental department.

So now, boys and girls, you know why the major networks and newspapers are wilting.

Meanwhile, the blogosphere is booming.  Thanks for the internet, Al.

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  1. Dad

    Watch out for obama’s media czar.

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