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China is kicking our nether regions

The Institute for Energy Research has posted another article rich in ominous detail about what our foreign competitors are doing.  AVFTA has previously mentioned China’s plan to build 500 coal-fired power plants over the next ten years.  They’ve now decided to keep building at the same rate of a power plant per week for an additional fourteen years, and they’re meeting their goal.  IER says, “every week to 10 days, China will open another coal-fired power plant that is big enough to serve all the households in Dallas or San Diego.”

It’s hard for Americans to get their heads wrapped around China.  Everything over there is built on a scale we just can’t seem to imagine.  Try this statistic: The population of China is about half again that of the entire Western hemisphere.  So yes, they’re fast and aggressive, and they’re building lots of big things without anybody’s permission.  They are not sitting around oaken meeting tables quibbling with a bunch of prissy, lawyered-up environmentalists in pony tails and Birkenstocks.  Wake up, America.  These guys are for real.

Our only hope is that they’re pouring some of their money down the wind/solar rathole.  Given the potency of their economy, however, I’m afraid even that’s about like popping the drag chute on a bulldozer.

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