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Monthly Archives: November 2009

Climategate: the plot gets nastier


The American Thinker is reporting that the formerly respected BBC has been in possession of the incriminating e-mails for a long time but has spiked the story.  This tends to confirm Steven J. Milloy’s in saying that the e-mails weren’t hacked or stolen but were in fact leaked by an insider who had access […]

Letting everybody vote is stupid


Support the Reed Amendment: No person who receives money from the government for any reason except a refund of overpayment of income tax shall be permitted to vote in the election following receipt of that money.

China is kicking our nether regions


The Institute for Energy Research has posted another article rich in ominous detail about what our foreign competitors are doing.  AVFTA has previously mentioned China’s plan to build 500 coal-fired power plants over the next ten years.  They’ve now decided to keep building at the same rate of a power plant per week for an […]

Thanksgiving day prayer


Our Father in heaven, On this of all days, we thank you for giving us a Savior, Christ Jesus our Lord. We thank you for his willingness to pay the price, for the just to die for the unjust, for the holy one to die for the sinner, for the creator to die for his […]

The Clinton defense strategy: Deny, deny, deny


It seems like ages ago when Bill Clinton was fighting for his political life amidst the Lewinsky scandal.  The initial stage of his defense came to be known as “deny, deny, deny.”  I remember doing that when I was four or five years old, and sometimes it worked if my parents weren’t absolutely sure I […]

Wind power in spat with Institute for Energy Research


The Institute for Energy Research, a privately funded energy think tank, has attracted the ire of wind energy advocates.  IER responds here to their adversarial blogging and in so doing brings out some interesting statistics on the true cost of windmills.  As I’ve said before here at AVFTA, wind farms are actually tax farms, and […]

Florida’s Two Senators


I contacted both my senators prior to the procedural vote on health care.  Mr. LeMieux voted against the measure, and Mr. Nelson voted for it.  Below are there two replies to my contacts.  As Marilla said in Anne of Green Gables, to despair is to turn one’s back on God, so on moral grounds I […]

Treating terror as an ordinary crime


Two stories in the news show why the Obama administration showed a supernatural degree of naïveté in trying to treat terrorists as if they were local American crooks.  First, by putting the 9/11 terrorsts on trial in New York, they’ve cast the shadow over the city of further reprisals directed specifically at them.  Second, the […]

Climate change prevaricators


Please pardon the long post, but this story is too critical not to give it a seven-minute read.  I’ve been holding off commenting on the outing of the e-mails from the climate change scientists for two reasons.  First, it wasn’t clear initially that the e-mails were authentic.  Some web sites had warned the documents might […]

Putting diesel in your gas-burner


A friend of mine told me about seeing a gasoline-powered Mercedes get accidentally filled with diesel.  The owner had to spray ether into it to get it started, dribble in some gasoline, coax and prod, use jumper cables on the suffering battery, and after much cussing got the car to burn the diesel.  But it […]

We’ll be affected by the weather


One odd and one end


Wall paper Wall paper is self-vandalism for your home.  It’s like putting a bumper sticker on your car.  It uglies up the place and quickly serves up a dish of lasting regret.  Honestly, how long does it take before you’re wishing that Palin/McCain bumper sticker wasn’t on there?  Oops!  McCain/ Palin!  Sorry about that.  Back […]

Wilson on the origins of the public college system


Doug Wilson at Blog and Mablog is one of the few internet pontificators that I read just about every day.  His most recent post on education is excellent because, as usual, he starts his analysis from the assumption that Jesus is Lord over all, and that Christians in every arena of life ought to act […]

Quetzlcoatl and the coming race of giant, cloned, flying, demon-powered, man-eating cops


Here’s another important news flash from late night radio.  A country in South America has a 21.6 foot skeleton of a giant (see Gen 6:4), and they’re getting DNA from this guy.  Once a race of these giant beings has been successfully cloned, they’ll be put into police work where there will be no end […]

Preserving a memory


The ancient Hebrews had a custom of reciting their genealogies from the beginning of their nation and forward.  You can see this in Genesis, First Chronicles, and again in the Gospels of Matthew and Luke.  As a kid, I was taught that people were keeping track of their lineage out of a hope that the […]