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Some stuff judged not half bad

Contemporary Christian music generally leaves me completely dissatisfied.  Most of it is really, really shoddy wannabe rock music.  It ends up being somewhat like jazz, which has no particular melody, no particular time signature, no particular chord structure or key signature.  It’s just musical doodling around.  With CCM, it tends to be loud and aggressive doodling around.  Yuck.  Not going to kid you here, I hate much of it.

The Christian band Third Day happily produces better quality rock.  If you grew up in the 60s and 70s, you’ll probably find their stuff appealing.  No, it’s generally not music you’d use in church because it’s performance music, not participation music.  But if you’re looking for rock music where the musical quality is actually better than the secular version of the same genre while having a clearly Christian theme, Third Day is not bad, not bad at all.  Here are a couple of Youtube links to some I favor.  Sorry, they don’t have cool videos.  Just listen.

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  1. I love Third Day. Back when I was in high school Travis, a friend of mine, and I went to 6 of their concerts. Almost every other concert I have been to (all Christian), have been full of special effects, a drummer suspended above the crowd, and other visual antics (a notable exception being a Jars of Clay, DC Talk, Kirk Franklin, Billy Graham Crusade). All of Third Day’s concerts were less focused on the band and focused more towards what their music was about. One concert in particular I remember was in the civic center in Savannah during their Come Together tour. During part of the show, they turned all the lights off including the ones on stage. The only thing illuminated was a cross in the background. I think this shows where their hearts really are.

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