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Electric shorts

Ready for your electric bill to triple? 

Here at AVFTA I’ve been using a rough estimate that green gadget electricity is typically three times the price you’re paying for electricity now.  That rough estimate keeps being vindicated.  Here’s another example.  The Energy Information Administration says the current average retail price of electricity in the United States is 11.62 cents per KWH.    Commercial customers pay a bit less at 10.68 cents, and big industry users even less at 7.08 cents per KWH.

 Along comes the great state of Vermont, home of lots of green urgency, and they’re holding a lottery for the sale of power above market prices.  The way their program works is that energy developers can win the right to force-sell power to the utility at 30 cents per KWH.  Yep… about triple the going price for retail, and way worse for heavy industrial users.  It’s not clear from news sources what the total amount of power will be, nor is it clear exactly how this will be funded.  What’s plain to everyone except denizens of the moonbat left, is that the utility cannot survive on buying power for 30 cents and selling it for 11. 

 This is the “green jobs” economy you’ve been promised, Americans.  At least one of the following things will happen.  Either electric bills will have to triple, or the utilities will go bankrupt, or green gadget programs will always remain drop-in-the-bucket size serving only to make liberals feel good about themselves, or the taxpayers will pay for the whole shebang (by which your power bill becomes an extension of the IRS).  Once again, you can’t get something for nothing, not even if liberal politicians say you can.

I like nuclear power, but not like this.

Toshiba, Mitsubishi, and Hitachi are designing miniature nuclear reactors for sale to third-world countries.  These would be very small compared to a commercial nuclear plant, so small that it would take about 2200 of them to equal one medium-sized U.S. nuke unit.  The intent, apparently, is to sell these little reactors to isolated areas where the locals normally can’t get power.  Think about electrifying the region of Pakistan where Osama bin Laden has been hiding, and you’ll get the idea of the proposed market.

 There are two basic problems with this idea.  First, a backward culture that hasn’t already developed its own power sources is not going to be able to manage a nuclear reactor, no matter what the inherent safeguards are supposed to be.  Nobody has ever invented a complex machine that can safely operate indefinitely at high energy levels with zero human intervention.  It’s just a really bad idea to promote a guy from herding goats directly to operating a nuclear plant.  Second, there is no doubt these things will become security targets.  Once again, think Somalia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Chad, or whatever.  What are the chances that somebody will try to blow up one of these things?  It’s my opinion that lots of terrorism is being driven by a criminal element seeing how much damage they can do just for the sport of it. These things would instantly become the target of choice for every gangster trying to prove he’s the baddest thug on the planet.  Please, Lord, don’t let them build these things.

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