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Attention: Party of Stupid

There’s a lot appearing on the internet these days from conservative writers about the supposed narcissism of Mr. Obama.  The general theme seems to be that narcissism is a prerequisite for public service but that Mr. Obama has an unusually intense case of it.  I don’t know the man, so I couldn’s say one way or the other.  Sure, there are signs and symptoms that are hard to overlook, but I’d rather not take a position on that judgment call right now.

Instead, I’d prefer to challenge the idea that the only people fitted for public service are the ones with personality disorders.  It doesn’t have to be this way.  God has raised up superb leaders in the past whose personalities were quite well adjusted and who succeeded at doing great things for him.  We might think of certain of the apostles. for example, or even a few of the kings of Judah.  We don’t have to reach that far to find people in leadership that wore white hats.  From what I have read of George Washington, he was as good and decent a man as one could find.  He achieved a position of leadership and used it to good effect despite his lack of being a freak.

This is instructive for the Republicans in the upcoming elections.  Full disclosure: I am not a Republican.  I am registered in the state of Florida as an independent voter.  However, I can see that America is essentially a two-party system, and it’s obvious that the Democrats are as anti-American as Fidel Castro, so if there’s going to be some push-back against the neo-Marxism afflicting our body politic, the Republicans are going to have to show some leadership here.  They do not have to select another compromise candidate with trash morals like John McCain.  To my Republican friends: You cannot excel by trying to run to the middle of the pack.

More important, you guys have to realize that the two labels of “Party of Evil” and “Party of Stupid” have more than a little truth to them.  The Democrats are the party of abortion, welfare, sodomy, enviromental moonbatism, and military defeat, pretty much in that order.  All evil.  Here’s the deal: You can’t beat evil Democrats by running an evil Republican.  Could you guys rummage through your mailing lists and find us a decent, honest, clean-living candidate?

What?  You don’t think you have one?

Why would I care to support you, then?  Let me level with you guys.  You can’t win without us independent voters.  We’re already sufficiently repulsed by the unseemly gaggle of thugs and political prostitutes on the left.  You don’t need to point that out to us independents; we see it.  You just need to offer an alternative, and the alternative is going to have to distinguish himself based on his character, morals, decency, and clean living as well as by principled conservatism.  Look at the last three Repulican presidents who actually won elections, and that’s what you’ll see.  Sure, some of these guys had some checkered history — who doesn’t? — but they just as clearly overcame drinking habits, divorces, or whatnot to become morally serious people, something Bill Clinton never even pretended to.  Moral seriousness attracted the swing voters and independents and put Reagan, Bush, and Bush over the top.

Democrats are the Party of Evil, and they know it, and many of them are even proud of it.  Their candidates can be ethical pukes and still be wildly popular with their voters.  Think Bill Clinton again here, or think of the appalling connections Barack Obama towed to the White House behind him.  But not conservatives.  Their whole political identity revolves around fighting for constitutional principles and a decent standard of public morality.  When they fall off the cliff morally, they’re toast because it betrays their core identity. 

Guys, if you’re going to run against the Party of Evil, you’d better field a candidate who credibly represents goodness, or you’re going to lose again.  You’re facing another historical opportunity to upend the Democrats in 2010 and again in 2012.  For pity’s sake, don’t revert back to your role as the party of stupid and field a compromiser with sorry personal morals.  It’s not necessary to do this.  Think George Washington.  And if you don’t have anybody like that to represent the goodness and decency of America, then maybe the right thing for you to do is fade away and let another party take your place.

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