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Conspiracy against the poor – Second memo revealed

As Bro. Steve revealed yesterday, a series of memos has been discovered which outline the vast, left wing conspiracy to oppress the poor.  Today this site is able to disclose the full contents of the second of these memos.


Fellow Oppressors,

The second step in our plan to utterly destroy the detestable poor people of America is a very simple matter of belief.  We shall, by various means, train them to expect to get something for nothing.  As you might have suspected, this jibes perfectly with our multiphased subversion of their ability to work.  This of course cancels their incentive to work by saturating all their desires with bounty they don’t deserve.  Why work, why earn, why strive and toil when all your material desires can be satisfied for nothing?

We begin our training of the poor by loading up all their formative years in freebies.  For instance, we will provide them with a diploma conferred upon them for merely showing up most of the time, eating free lunches and, as we shall see presently, taking drugs provided by the state.  We shall call these institutions “schools” but will teach  only such rudiments as are necessary to render the children of the poor suitable for further subjugation.  Every vestige of true exertion must be removed from their early experiences.  We must not permit them to walk to school — they must be picked up at their doortstep at public expense.  We shall not even so much as tolerate them looking both ways before crossing the street, but we shall stop all the traffic on major highways so the little wretches can saunter across the road like kings, exuding royal indifference to the drivers they’ve inconvenienced.

We’ll give them “new” math every few years, and this will always be some academic oddity dreamt up by otherwise unemployable nerds — expanded notation, Egyptian fractions or some such.  The idea is to madden them with complicated scholastic nonsense, to preoccupy and distract them, to elicit from them a bewildered outcry of “What’s the use!”  Our goal is to prevent them from ever being able to actually do math.  In like manner, we’ll give them free music lessons after which they will not be able to read a single note of music on a page nor to find middle C on a piano.  We’ll provide lessons in art appreciation after which they will be unable to draw a stick man without adult supervision.  We’ll provide free computer classes where they will figure out how to download pornography and pirated music from the internet but little else. Their education must leave them as ignorant as they day they were born, incompetent, worthless, with no ability to do profitable labor and even less inclination to apply themselves to it.  If they misbehave — especially the boys — we will drug them with Ritalin or Adderall which, though expensive, keeps them from having to muster the effort of self control.

The crowning achievement of their young lives will be graduation day when they walk across a stage in front of their dearest kin to receive a sheet of paper which, in effect, proclaims they’ve reached the age of 18.  The ridiculous heights of acclaim they get for this “achievement” will be a grandiose something for twelve years of nothing.  Even the dumbest drones among them will afterward ride in white limousines to a night of revelry and fornication in celebration of it.   It will forever cement into their feeble minds the notion that if you sit like a knot on a log for long enough, contibuting nothing and sucking down vast sums from the public treasury, then great things will come to you.  Making this mentality permanent is the consummation of all we strive for in our program of ruining the poor.

We shall begin to reap our reward when these lumpen trolls show up in a place of business unable to read a blueprint or even a tape measure, unable to drive a nail without assistance, and (may our gods preserve it!) unable to operate — let alone design and build — a complex piece of machinery.  After all, we have the Chinese to do that sort of thing for us.  Our harvest will multiply when they show up at the voting booth knowing nothing about their despicable Constitution and firmly convinced that elections are all about getting more something for even less than nothing.

To strengthen our enforcement of a wasted youth, you must see to it that your local governments render it illegal for the young to have a useful job where there is risk of being exposed to genuine work.  We all know that the way for any society to better itself is to use ingenuity, tools, and labor to convert resources into items useful to man.  This explains our strategy of forbidding certain kinds of employment to the young.  In particular, we wish to outlaw youth from doing any job that features tools or resources.  And it doesn’t matter what sort of pretext you fabricate for the law.  Show them some pictures of pitiful girls in a sweatshop circa 1870 and warn them straightly that if you permit one 17-year old to milk a cow before 6:30 in the morning, then the whole civilization will be sucked at once into the very maw of hell.  We don’t care how you do this, just do it.  The worst thing that can happen to our plan is for the poor to learn by early life experiences that wealth built, not distributed.  Wealth must be seen as something that’s “just there,” best obtained by waiting around for the government to hand it over it like their diplomas.

Aside from a worthless diploma denuded of educational value and an enforced waste of youthful vigor, we suggest a variety of smaller programs designed to reinforce the philosophy of something-for-nothing.  It would be beneficial if your various states would enact lottery systems for giving away fantastic riches to idiots.  Not only is a lottery the most effective means ever devised for taxing the poor, but it also invades their leisure and poisons their hopes and virtues with the something-for-nothing philosophy.  Your governments should, of course, give other things away as often as possible carefully ensuring that merit is never part of the equation.  To the extent that real work can’t be avoided, even this should be seen as a give-away based on something arbitrary and useless, such as race or sex rather than qualifications or a record of achievement.

Finally, don’t forget that you are the government.  If you tire of giving away freebies yourself, you can always order other people to do it for you and then claim credit for your courage.  So, you can order employers to pay people who aren’t working.  You can order medical establishments to give free services to deadbeats or command their employers to pay for their medical insurance.  You can order lenders to forgive debts, thus giving away free houses.  Obviously our education program is already shifting the burden of education onto employers.  A few more years of this, and every employer in the whole country will move to China!  Be creative about it, but never lose sight of the principle that the poor must at all cost come to believe that they can get something for nothing as long as the government orders it to be so.  As long as they cherish that belief, our power over them is unbreakable.

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