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Plenty to pay the debt

One of Elisha’s ministers died leaving behind a widow, two sons, and a big debt.  According to the custom of the day, the man’s two sons were the collateral for the debt.  When he came to collect, the widow appealed to Elisha for relief.  Her only possession of any value was a pot of oil, so Elisha had her borrow empty pots and containers from her neighbors.  She began to pour her own oil into her neighbors’ pots, and God wrought a miracle by increasing the oil until every pot was full.  She then sold the oil, paid off her debt and had money left over to live on.  (2 Kings 4:1-7)


1.  The Gospel isn’t diminished by pouring it out.

2.  God will give grace until there’s no place left to put it.

3.  God’s grace not only pays the debt but provides enough to live on.

4. God cares for the widow and the orphan, so we should, too.

5.  Fathers: if you live on debt, your kids may become slaves to it.

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