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Let’s give EVERYBODY a trillion dollars!

Wealth is the result of people working with tools, machines, and ingenuity to convert resources into things useful to man.  Enter that into your head.

The Wall Street Journal says today that the dollar is continuing to fall against other currencies.  Ponder this.  There is a decreasing number of Americans who work with tools, machines, and ingenuity to convert resources into things useful to man.  Manufacturing is shriveling up all across the country.  A generation of fake “free trade” agreements has torpedoed our manufacturing base.  Waxman-Markey is designed to finish off what’s left of it by penalizing the use of energy.

Meanwhile, Obamanomics seems based on the idea that you can borrow trillions of dollars and print even more trillions of dollars and this will “stimulate” the economy.  Bro. Steve’s economics would say that unless Americans offset our burgeoning cash supply by converting more resources into things useful to man, then the dollar has to go down.  You could stimulate by spraying money out of giant crop dusters if you like, but at best that will do nothing.  At worst, it will ruin the dollar until there is no American economy left.  Maybe the Chinese will take us in.

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  1. Dad

    One of the techniques of the acorn crowd is to overwhelm the system then pick up the pieces. The constitution will be shredded and Obama will declare himself emperor before throngs of admirers.

    My pessimistic view of why things are happening the way they are and the end result. I have to remind myself of your blog pointing out the inevitable that mighty also fall. I’m impatient………and old.

    Posted on 26-Aug-09 at 19:29 pm | Permalink

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