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Wind projects needing new investors

I discussed the Cape Wind project a few weeks ago where a bit of simple arithmetic shows it’s a money loser.  Investors are catching on, and a number of wind projects are stuck in the doldrums.   People close to the Cape Wind project are complaining that regulatory hurdles are in the way.  This is bitterly ironic since Cape Wind can survive financially only if regulations compel the public to buy their overpriced production.

To be fair, I’m very sympathetic to the wind industry’s regulatory distress.  The general public does not understand the degree to which regulation, particularly environmental regulation, is strangling business, economic growth, opportunity, technological advancement, and jobs.  Check out Cape Wind’s short list of environmental headaches.  And bear in mind, this is for structures that consume no fuel and emit no exhaust.  Each one of these studies and assessments costs time and money and produces nothing.  You don’t get grapes from a kudzu vine.  Americans, if you want a job for you or your kids, you’d better start telling the Democrats to back off the enviro extremism.

To make things even more difficult for the struggling wind power industry, the global warming hoax is losing momentum every day.  The Europeans will flout whatever agreements they make on CO2 reduction.  The Communists in China are much more honest than the Europeans and are refusing to limit their CO2 emissions.  India has yet to industrialize to the degree China has, and they’ll definitely refuse to stunt their industrial growth by signing on to a CO2 emissions limit.  That leaves the United States to act alone, and even the supporters of the green gadget economy admit that the sacrifice for Americans would be enormous and the benefits would be essentially zero.  To give you a sense of proportion about this, I need to repeat that China brings on line a coal-fired power plant every week.  If the USA went into an eternal blackout o’er all the fruited plains from sea to shining sea, that sacrifice would be swallowed by Chinese industrial output in just a few years.  Since wind power exists only because bureaucrats can smile upon its being carbon-free, killing off the carbon bogeyman is simultaneously killing off the windmill industry.  Somebody over at General Electric is weeping with rage.  Al Gore, maybe?

Finally, patriotic Americans need to reject the cynical shucking and jiving about a “green jobs” economy.  A recent study in Spain has concluded that, on average, 2.2 real jobs are lost for every green job created.  Isn’t it obvious why this is so?  Green jobs are fake employment, something like community service for Boy George shuffling around picking up cigarette butts, because they exist only by reason of government mandate.  They are net consumers, not net producers, so of course they suppress real employment.

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