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Tipping point?

Everyone knew the ruling party would overreach, and they have now done so.  The medical care overhaul bill has touched off some shock and awe by proposing to outlaw private medical insurance.  The Investor’s Business Daily appears to have broken the news in its editorial available here which also features a quote of the offending language from the bill.  The Bolshevik publication Daily Kos is disputing the claim, but they’re just foaming at the mouth.  There’s no arguing what the text of the bill actually says, and you can read it for yourself at the link above. 

IBD rightly says, “A free people should be outraged at this advance of soft tyranny.”

The Democrats’ best strategy for getting something like this passed in the Congress is to start at the extreme left and muscle their way back toward the center, buying votes where they can, stiff-arming and threatening where that fails.  This is match point for them, and they know it.  There is almost nothing they won’t do to score this coup, but they know they must strike quickly before the general public realizes what’s happening.  This time it appears the Democrats may have already struck a deal to get the drug companies on their side.  No surprise there, as the pharmaceutical industry has thrived under its trade protection racket for many decades.

It is essential to the future of a free American republic that the Democrats fail.  Universal health care will completely change the nature of the relationship between the individual and the government.  A health crisis comes eventually to almost everyone.  When medical care is a government enterprise, at this moment of each individual’s greatest need, he will be dependent not upon his own resources, not upon the shared interests of freely chosen friends and associates, not upon family or church, not even upon contractual obligations which may be enforced by the courts, but upon bureaucrats and pols whom he does not know, cannot resist, who answer to no one but the pols who appoint them.  If the bureaucrats choose to let you die, you’ll have no one to turn to but them.

If IBD may be criticized for anything in its excellent editorial, it is for understating the nature of the tyranny this portends.  It will not be soft.  The Democrats will possess the power of life and death over each individual, and they will start setting rules for who gets to live.  If you think you’ve seen pay-to-play before, just wait till this Democrat noose is cinched up around the neck of every American.

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