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The difference between pork and principle

Patriots everywhere are heartened, very slightly, by the sight of the Democrats quibbling over the exact dimensions of the ObamaCare® scheme to nationalize the medical industry.  The so called Blue Dogs are expressing concern over deficits, which is about like Mr. Spock suddenly swooning in passion over Nurse Chapel.

I wonder if I’d be judged too cynical if I predicted that a goodly portion of these Blue Dogs will turn out mostly to be for sale and that the ObamaCare® strategic goal of nationalization won’t be hindered a bit by whatever deals are struck to buy them off.  Others sold out too cheap on Waxman-Markey, and they know that now.  After all,  energy is bigger than medical care by a long shot, and they could have gotten more.  Way more.  Heck, their votes were worth more.  A vote on an energy bill is an effin’ valuable thing; you just don’t give it away for nothing!

puppy eyes Whatever, you can bet the Blue Dogs learnt a thing or two, and things will get more expensive this time.  The longer they wear puppy dog sad eyes, weep and sniffle about deficits, speechify about freedom and liberty and burdening evahbody’s granchillun with debt, the higher the bidding will go.  This works particularly well if they can all hang together, because as soon as a few of them settle, prices for the rest will fall.

And of course it’s easy for the Obots to up the ante until all these guys get fat.  They can shovel cash on the table till the legs snap off.  After all, they’re spending your money.

You’ve seen buzzards quarreling over roadkill?  They aren’t grieving for the dead.

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