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Sex and the church

When we speak of cultural decline in the West, we’re usually not talking about Notorious B.I.G. being inferior to Handel.  We’re talking mostly about sex.  The subject is prominent not because the church is packed with jealous, prune-faced old hags who are failures at love.  As a matter of fact, the preeminent mark of western cultural decline is that lots of people in the church are scoring points where they ought not.  Sexually pinched up prudishness is not a hallmark of the modern American church.

The big picture helps us out here, I think.  What God does expresses what he is.  God is love, and he is holy, eternal, faithful, a keeper of covenant.  His eternal plan is that the holy Christ and his purified bride will live in an everlasting covenant of faithful love.  Within this covenant, Christ and bride are united in one as the life-giving Holy Spirit enters us and new life begins.

Earthly marriage is supposed to typify all this.  The roles of the sexes are designed to reflect aspects of God’s eternal plan for his Son and his bride.  This is why the sexual union must be holy, exluding all but the one person with whom you have entered into marriage covenant.  An unfaithful union is no union at all.  It’s just a mess, and to paraphrase a bit, God is not the author of a mess.  (1 Cor 14:33)  And this is why the sexual union must be male and female, because these bespeak Christ and the church, so hooking up two men or two women trashes the whole picture.  And sorry to be so blunt, but the fashionable claim that God created people to be homosexual is stupid.

DivorceCovenants of marriage are supposed to last a lifetime, which is as close as we get to eternity down here.  The modern habit of trading spouses like baseball cards isn’t doing a lot to demonstrate what a covenant-keeping God intended.  “I hate divorce,” he said.  (Mal 2:16, NASB)

American churches cannot win like this.  Isn’t it amazing that this has to be explained?

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