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If you won the Powerball jackpot

What people become in life is part genetics, part environment.  It’s been said that genetics deals the cards and environment plays them.  That’s a useful formulation when trying to understand why somebody has moral meltdown. People are born with personality traits, and some are more prone to certain things than others.  You’ve probably known people who seem to have inherited a grunch of problems all in one tragically misbegotten character.  Inheritance has dealt them a really bad hand.

And then environment would take effect.  What might happen if you suddenly found yourself with virtually unlimited money, no real work to do, no responsibilities, and no authority to which you must answer?  You could use that to become the world’s greatest philanthropist, maybe funding missionary endeavors or finding the cure for malaria.  Or you could invest in radical hedonism, spending your fortune on sex, drugs, and plastic surgery.

And if you won the Powerball jackpot at the age of 11, you’d have to decide which way to go.

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