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Monthly Archives: May 2009

Superb video on global warming


Answers in Genesis  and Coral Ridge Ministries have collaborated to produce one of the best videos you’ll find on the subject of man-made global warming.  I offer only one teensy critique, which is that they needed time to challenge the data set supporting claims of global temperature rise.  As I have argued previously, global warming […]

The Spirit spoke expressly


Several texts in the New Testament mention the doctrinal conditions arising in the last days.  The passage in 1 Timothy 4:1 even says the Spirit spoke expressly that during the last days, people will depart (Gr. aposteésontaí) from the faith. People want to know: Are we there?  Short answer: God alone knows.  The passage was […]

Ten Global Warming Myths


This article on “Thermageddon” is a link from Watts Up With That? of a link from Australia’s Herald Sun newspaper.  I  hope it goes absolutely viral.  That global warming is a hoax is becoming more obvious every day.  Here’s the original article.  It’s from Australia, so it’s upside down when you view it standing on […]