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Law awaiting collapse is no law

3 John 4 I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth.

I spoke with a self-described “not religious” friend today who was venting about the plight of Carrie Prejean.  Miss Prejean, you’ll recall, is the contestant from California whose views on gay marriage cost her the title of Miss USA.  Poor Miss Prejean has been kicked around enough, so Bro. Steve will not add anything to that except to say how glad I am that, by virtue of my being born ugly, nobody ever thought of taking pictures of me while I was doing something sinful and stupid.  (Psa 25:7)

My friend noted that Miss Prejean had merely answered the question that was asked, which was about her opinion.  She has a right to her opinion, does she not? he asked, and he noted that she actually had the majority of Calfornia voters on her side.  And besides, my friend observed quite rightly, if the current definition of marriage is set aside, then there’s really no reason to refuse other people’s desires for polygamy.  I added that if people can leave a fortune to a dog, as Leona Helmsley did, then there’s no particular reason not to marry the dog either, provided, of course, that the dog consents to the match.  This would be a great boon to environmentalists who could, for example, leave their fortunes to a tree (or trees, if polygamy is permitted), taking tree-hugging to a whole new level.

Well, why not?  Answers such as “just can’t” or “obviously wrong” are not allowed.  We need a reason if the onslaught of perverts, crooks, and their lawyers is to be withstood.

Naturally this all meandered its way into my favorite topic of why right is right and wrong is wrong.  If we can’t base our laws on God, morality becomes pragmatism which modern people have begun to imagine is good.  Pragmatism is advertised as a non-ideological approach to making moral or political decisions, but really, it’s just a way of hiding the ball.  The ideology is always there; sometimes the pragmatist knows it and sometimes not.  In the former case he’s a wicked cynic, and in the latter case an ignorant fool.

John wanted his people to walk in truth, by which he meant the specific tenets of the Christian religion.  Christianity is the place where law and truth gain eternal substance.  Think about it.  For a law to stand at all, it must stand forever, else it’s on its way to collapse someday, and as any good lawyer could show, if the law is no good for tomorrow, we might as well knock it over today.  God alone has reigned from eternity past so that his law alone can still be standing today.  When you step away from that foundation, you quickly find there is no way to justify any law at all, and at the other end of anarchy is mere force.  It starts with little things such as trashing a Miss USA contestant for having opinions the pragmatist dislikes.  But it won’t stop there.

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