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Inclusiveness in the GOP

Full disclosure: I am registered as an independent voter in the state of Florida.

I’m reading a lot of drivel these days about how the Republicans ought to be more inclusive.  This means the person wishes the Republicans were liberals. To be frank, there is not much left to wish for.  Even when the GOP controlled both the White House and both houses of Congress, they kept right on sending checks to National Public Radio.  It would be impossible to conceive of a bigger sellout of conservative principles than that, confiscating the earnings of Americans and using the money to fund entertainment which nobody would pay for voluntarily and which is interspersed with expressions of enmity for anything that looks remotely conservative.  It’s astonishing that in the face of such idiotic policy actions the GOP is having to search its soul to figure out why it’s getting thrashed by voters.  They did this so Garrison Keillor would think well of the GOP, but he still says, “Republicans: The No.1 reason the rest of the world thinks we’re deaf, dumb and dangerous.”  And for this the GOP took my money and gave it to that guy?

And now the plea for “inclusiveness.”  This comes from the way-out, loony left and targets the right with the smeary implication that conservatives are just being pig-headed when they stick to their principles.  What’s behind that, of course, is the liberals’ pig-headed refusal to abandon their principles.

As one who jettisoned the Republican party after it became what it is today, I can assure you that lurching even further to the left is not the solution to the downfall of the GOP.  With a dwindling number of laudable exceptions, the GOP is limp a sell-out of conservative American patriotism.  The GOP of today stands for a state controlled economy, deliberate neglect of the national borders, foolish trade agreements that disadvantage Americans, the totalitarian power grab of the global warming hoax, red-ink extremism on fiscal policy, the trigger happy foreign policy of WilsonRooseveltTrumanKennedyJohnsonClinton style liberals, and a useless gaggle of do-nothings on the issue of the lives of pre-born Americans.

These positions are un-American, and it’s increasingly difficult to believe that people who hold these positions actually mean well.  At least the Democrats have the virtue of being open about their wish that Americans would just give up this ridiculous “freedom” thing and become psy-clones of the Europeans.  It’s contemptible, but at least it’s honest.  When are GOP liberals like Powell and Ridge going to be as honest as their Democrat handlers?  They should say what they believe: They don’t like America as framed in the Constitution, and they wish it were more like increasingly socialist Europe.

I am wondering when America will get an actual conservative alternative to vote for.  The humiliation of the GOP in the last two elections shows that a leftist GOP cannot win.  Do they honestly think going even further left will turn the trick for them?  And if it did, who but a bunch of welfare-sucking Euro-socialists would want to live under their misrule?

Mr. Steele, if you ever want my vote again, you’re going to have to show me some conservatism.  If there’s no basic difference between the GOP and the Democrats, why would anybody vote for your people?

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