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Father of the lemur fossil challenged

New Scientist online, a stalwart defender of the evolutionary faith, is taking to task Jern Hurum, the discoverer of the “King Julian” fossil.  The King Julian is Bro. Steve’s name for a fossilized lemur advertised as a missing link in man’s evolutionary ancestry.  But the King Julian fossil has been a colossal embarrassment, and now the backtracking and climb-downs continue to continue.

Rowan Hooper, writer from New Scientist, was a bit saucy in his question, asking that since the thing had lain in the ground for 47 million years, what was the rush to publish the “splash”?  (I wish he’d asked why the need to move it, move it.)  The answer is very difficult for my Southern ears to understand because of Hurum’s Scandinavian accent combined with bad audio quality.  Make of it what you will.  What I personally gleaned from it was the emergence of a “need” to publish a “description” of the fossil, and gee, the stuff about human ancestry was only one page out of 45, so if anyone got excited, well… <shrug>.  Or something like that.  It reminded me of a junior high school girl who is forced to apologize and says, “Too bad you get everything wrong, jerk.”

Climbing up on my creationist toadstool to eavesdrop on the evolutionary neighbors’ family quarrel, it seems to me that competition for headlines is bloody ferocious amongst the fraternity of paleontologists.  They’re trying awfully hard to look like they don’t wish their names had the cachet of a Leakey.

New Scientist did not reveal its own motives for shooting Hurum with a paintball.  I wondered if they were not a bit piqued because the hoopla around the overexposed and underdeveloped King Julian fossil has made evolution look bad. The King Julian has certainly brought the creationists a moment of pleasure.  We’ve long complained that evolutionists’ hunger for headlines and induction into the Inner Circle of Great Darwin Tribal Elders drives a lot of science, falsely so called.  Not to mention outright avarice.  You can really profit from this stuff if you play your cards right.  Think research grants, safaris paid for by National Geographic, tenure, and professorships named after some old dead codger, as in, “The King Julian Professor for Jurassic Studies.”

It goes without mentioning that creationists get a free pass for doing this sort of thing because, as any Darwinist will tell you in a femtosecond, we aren’t scientists anyway.  But when the Darwinists are caught publicly tipping their hand, well, it stings.

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