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A bigot, armageddon, and galloping socialism

New SCOTUS member prejudiced

Mr. Obama’s nominee for the Supreme Court says she can reach better decisions than a white man based on her experience as a Latin woman.  This is racial prejudice and female chauvinism raw and plain, unrepentant, unfiltered, with no spin and no apology.  It’s almost refreshing to hear a blatantly sexist racial bigot express herself so clearly, though please note, this is exactly the kind of tribal discrimination we don’t ever need any more of.  No white males should expect a fair hearing where this judge presides because their arguments will be less wise than hers would be as a “Latina,” which is the hopey-changey buzz word of the day.  Headline of the day from, “White men can’t judge.”

Compare the words of Moses:  As for the assembly, there shall be one statute for you and for the alien who sojourns with you, a perpetual statute throughout your generations; as you are, so shall the alien be before the Lord.  There is to be one law and one ordinance for you and for the alien who sojourns with you.  Numbers 15:15-16 NASB

Two minute warning with Kim Jong Il – 28, Barack Obama – 0

The bouffant maniac continues to humiliate our president, despite Obama’s clear advantage in pectoral muscles.  Kim is shooting rockets and lit off a pretty big nuke.  The Obama administration has apparently retaliated by launching some really dreadful words.  “Stop!  Stop this at once!  Or else our diplomat will tell your diplomat that you’re being unhelpful!  Oh, so you think you can handle that, eh?  Well, then, how about if we have Hillary call you an aggressor!”  Clearly, Mr. Obama and his Secretary of State are in waters way over their heads.

Bro. Steve’s suggestion:  Tell the Chinese Communists, “You created this guy.  You control him.  If Kim Jung Il ever lights off another nuke or shoots another rocket, we’ll formally recognize the independent nation of Taiwan, establish diplomatic relations with them, and we’ll arm both Taiwan and Japan with nukes.”  My guess is that the Chinese would then persuade him to make it stop.

Iran, the other end of the axis of evil

Iraq was not a nuclear power, so Saddam Hussein got bombed, then dug out of his spider hole and hanged.  The Norks are proven nuclear-capable, and Kim Jung Il now enjoys a high probability of dying from old age.  If you were President Ahmedinejad of Iran, what would you conclude from this?

Or consider a different point of view on the same facts.  If you were Benjamin Netanyahu, what would you conclude from this?

No big surprise, Iran is bent on getting nuclear capability with a little help from its fiends, and Israel is determined not to let them go there.  I honestly can’t say what’s going to happen, and I’m not even sure the Israelis know what they’re going to do.  But whenever they do it and whatever it is, don’t expect Mr. Netanyahu to be as pitifully helpless as Mr. Obama has been so far.  And don’t expect the Iranians to flee from it and hide in a spider hole.  It promises to be one of the century’s great match-ups.

I’m betting on Israel.  And by the way, Israel has other motives for wanting to bust Iran.  The Iranians have been supporting Hezbollah and Hamas, both of which have kept up military harrassment against Israel for years.  If Iran were flattened, support for Hezbollah and Hamas would dry up.  That would kill three birds with one stone.  So what would you say are the odds of Israel attacking Iran?  And given that Iran may be fairly close to acquiring nuclear capability (with help from Russia), would you expect it sooner or later?

Government Motors

I know, I know, the joke is already way overused.  And after all the government intrusion into the free enterprise system, the joke isn’t a joke any more, and it never was funny.

Question: Have you noted that states which have lottery systems heavily regulate all other forms of gambling?  It’s a way of keeping the competition at a disadvantage.  The states’ payoffs are actually quite poor compared to the return rates paid out by criminals who run illegal gambling operations.  Think about it: Criminal gambling is the ultimate consumer-driven free enterprise.  They have to pay out well enough to keep the customers coming back.

So now we have government car companies.  What are the chances that the government will now start taking steps to force customers to buy their products rather than, say, a Toyota?  They could do this by offering direct subsidies, tax rebates to purchasers, and so on.  More likely, they’ll do this by imposing a list of irrelevant requirements which only a government enterprise could afford to meet.  CAFE standards, emissions standards, safety standards are all rich with possibilities for making imported cars, which are clearly superior, impossible to sell.

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