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Monthly Archives: May 2009

Cape Wind


Cape Wind is the name of a proposed electric generating wind farm off the coast of Nantucket, Massachusetts.  If it ever gets built, it promises to be the nation’s best known and most controversial wind farm.  The Wiki article gives some of the particulars.  The nameplate peak generating capacity is being advertised as 420 megawatts, […]

Remember not…


Ps 25:7 Remember not the sins of my youth, nor my transgressions: according to thy mercy remember thou me for thy goodness’ sake, O Lord. The first time Psalm 25:7 actually stuck in my head was when somebody sang it as a song.  People who grew up as typical Americans have much to wish the […]

Farewell to a good friend


My dentist once asked me if he was hurting me.  I told him no.  “Good,” he said. “You never have so many friends you can afford to lose one.” I lost a good friend this week, Mr. William Elgin Brown.  Elgin was a veteran of World War Two, south Asian theater, and a well driller […]

A bigot, armageddon, and galloping socialism


New SCOTUS member prejudiced Mr. Obama’s nominee for the Supreme Court says she can reach better decisions than a white man based on her experience as a Latin woman.  This is racial prejudice and female chauvinism raw and plain, unrepentant, unfiltered, with no spin and no apology.  It’s almost refreshing to hear a blatantly sexist […]

Green jobs, red ink


Johnson Controls Company has installed a 1.1 megawatt photovoltaic green gadget on a convention center in Orange County.  It is a marvel of engineering, and that’s no lie.  You can read about it here.  You have to do a bit more plundering around to find the price tag, which came in at $8.8 million.  That’s […]

Father of the lemur fossil challenged


New Scientist online, a stalwart defender of the evolutionary faith, is taking to task Jern Hurum, the discoverer of the “King Julian” fossil.  The King Julian is Bro. Steve’s name for a fossilized lemur advertised as a missing link in man’s evolutionary ancestry.  But the King Julian fossil has been a colossal embarrassment, and now […]

Inclusiveness in the GOP


Full disclosure: I am registered as an independent voter in the state of Florida. I’m reading a lot of drivel these days about how the Republicans ought to be more inclusive.  This means the person wishes the Republicans were liberals. To be frank, there is not much left to wish for.  Even when the GOP […]

The Bible tells me so


People with no background in the Calvinistic traditions of Christianity are often shocked to learn that Calvinists believe Christ died only for the chosen and that his death cannot avail anything of saving power for the non-elect.  Calvinists prefer to call this belief the particular atonement, though some still refer to it as the limited […]

Who did Christ die for?


Many — Matthew 26:28 Your brother — Romans 14:15 His sheep — John 10:15 His bride — Ephesians 5:25 All who, like sheep, have gone astray — Isaiah 53:6 All — 2 Corinthians 5:14, 2 Timothy 2:6 The world — John 6:51 Every man — Hebrews 2:9 Not us only, but the whole world — […]

Some not-news about the news


The mainstream media’s slobbery, puppy-tail-waggy adoration of Mr. Obama, embarrassing as it is, shows no signs of letting up.  They remind me of my late uncle Jack West talking about his son’s brittany spaniel.  “You can just see the love in a dog’s eyes,” he said. Ah, yes.  Love in a dog’s eyes.  And speaking […]

Not missing and not a link


This is about as fast as I’ve ever seen the backtrack letters issued after an overblown media campaign for a fossil.  The “King Julian” fossil of an apparent lemur was greeted with the Darwinists’ equivalent of hosanna, but in this case, the rocks actually are crying out.  And they’re saying this was all a stupid […]

Our Father, who is no redneck


God is a Father who provides.  When Abraham took Isaac to Mount Moriah and Isaac asked why there was no lamb, Abraham replied, God will provide.  (Gen 22:8)  In one sense, the whole Bible is all about God’s provision for us.  Christians of yesteryear beholding God’s numberless gifts for us grouped all his goodness under […]

King Julian and Charles Darwin


News outlets today did their echo chamber thingy, all of them simultaneously breaking the news of a missing link.  It’s creature like a lemur that supposedly is an ancestor of humans.  Pardon me, but I’m not seeing it yet.

Black fingernails and lessons in leadership


Brent Johnson lived across the street from me in Pine Bluff.  Whenever we had little boy conflict, his mother would march across the street and harangue my mother about it.  Mom finally told me if we couldn’t get along then I should just stop playing with him.  She must have had a wildly optimistic view […]

Green and homely


One of the odd side effects of green gadget energy solutions is a net increase in the total quantity of ugliness in the universe.  My neighborhood in Citrus County, Florida, features a number of the primitive, rooftop solar water heaters made of black plastic pipes overlaid with black plastic sheeting.  Not to put too fine […]